Comic Kitchen: Clay McNab

Comic Kitchen brings together food and fiction, creating a three-course meal based on characters from popular culture. This edition is based on The Hammer Of The Witches, Clay McNab from Tales Of The Frontier. 

A rover, gunslinger and witch hunter, McNab’s taste in food can be described as rustic and simple. Read on to discover his menu.

Starter: Scotch eggs and mushrooms 

As an appetiser, McNab would start off with something filling like Scotch eggs and mushrooms. This kind of dish is nostalgic for McNab, who grew up in poor conditions and was taught by his parents to savour every part of an animal.

The combination of pork, breadcrumbs and egg would make for the ideal breakfast fuel. It’d give McNab the energy to make the long rides across The Frontier, plying his trade as a witch and monster hunter.

Main course: Texas BBQ marinated pork loin steak, carrots and cheesy potato skins 

McNab’s identity as a cowboy and gunslinger served as the inspiration for this dish. It’s the kind of slap up meal he’d have when he’s flush with coin.

I can imagine McNab rolling up into a small town somewhere in The Frontier, going to a saloon and ordering himself a similar dish to celebrate completing a job.

Dessert: Apple crumble and whisky 

After finishing the steak, McNab would have room for dessert and he’d want to wash it down with something warm and sweet. Apple crumble and whisky is the ideal combination.

The Hammer Of The Witches is partial to Merais whisky, the tipple of his home Province. Merais whisky is made from corn and has a sweet, spicy quality that would pair well with the tartness of the crumble. 

Want to find out more about Clay McNab? Be sure to buy AT THE DEAD OF DUSK and see him take on monsters, magic, mayhem and teenage angst. 


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