At The Dead Of Dusk: Welcome To The World Of The Frontier

I’ve always been in awe of writers who can create new worlds and make all the characters within them sound as if they’re living and breathing. It’s something I’m drawn to in my own writing and I’m excited to announce that with the release of my debut novella AT THE DEAD OF DUSK, I’ve launched Tales Of The Frontier, a weird western world of monsters, witches and legendary gunslingers.

Read on to find out more about AT THE DEAD OF DUSK and what exactly The Frontier is.

What Is Tales Of The Frontier?

Tales Of The Frontier is a website that features content about The Frontier and all stories associated with it. They’ll be character backstories, lore analysis, landscape descriptions and much more.

Stepping into the world of The Frontier 

The idea for The Frontier was first conceived in 2016 when I started writing a novelette called Shadows At Dawn about a pair of cowboys who were hunting witches. This story rapidly grew in scale and the cowboys became Questers, a kind of supernatural bounty hunter and one of the many factions that frequent The Frontier.

When the story was published in 2017 by Aurelia Leo, I realised there was much more to say and it wasn’t until very recently that I returned to what The Frontier could be (being in lockdown gives you nothing but time after all).

I envisioned The Frontier as an alternative reality to the Wild West where humans live alongside supernatural creatures and that many of the people inhabiting the world aren’t your typical white hats and black hats. More like…grey hats, whose motivations are more complicated.

The continued adventures of Clay McNab

AT THE DEAD OF DUSK is the second story to be published in The Frontier and follows the life of infamous Quester and Hammer Of The Witches Clay McNab. A shadow of his former self, McNab wiles away his time drinking and gambling and has retired from his Order.

All that changes when a business man comes calling and sets up him for one final job. Along the way, McNab must face down ancient witches, countless horrors and the darkest parts of his past. It’s a tale of the nature of monsters, duty and alienation.

You purchase the novella at Amazon US and Amazon UK.

Be sure to keep up with Tales Of The Frontier on Twitter and Instagram and look out for more featured articles that dive into the world and its characters!


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