5 Awesome Superhero Athleisure Recommendations From I Am Superhero

When it comes to developing a positive mental health routine, superheroes are an epic source of inspiration and when viewed through the lens of fitness, they are powerful symbols for attaining your training goals and embodying physical resilience. 

So, it’s always great to see brands like I Am Superhero combining fitness and superheroes together with their range of comic-themed athleisure and here are five product recommendations for superhero fitness fans.

  1. Batman athleisure hoodie 

Batman is renowned for his physical toughness, mental conditioning and being at the top of his game for peak human performance. 

You can take on the mantle of The Dark Knight with this sleek Batman hoodie that’s designed for easy breathability and comfort while you’re getting through your workout routine.

Made from heat transfer fabrics and featuring a waterproof zipper, the hoodie is ideal for sweating things out in different environments.

  1. Daredevil long sleeve shirt 

Daredevil is one of the most capable street level superheroes around and an inspirational character for those who suffer with depression. 

You can incorporate The Man Without Fear’s aesthetic into your fitness regime with this long sleeve shirt that’s designed for comfort, practicality and durability. Inspired by the red of Daredevil’s costume, the shirt has thumb cut outs that may be useful when gripping weights. 

  1. Vigilante joggers 

What I’ve always loved about the best superhero costumes is that they are designed with practicality in mind, especially for characters who don’t have any powers or are working at street level.

This attitude is embodied through I Am Superhero’s vigilante joggers that are suitable for men and women. There are several useful features, including velcro adjustable ankle straps, concealed zip pockets and low profile knee panel construction.

  1. Batman running shoes 

Footwear is an essential part of any superhero gear and in Batman’s case, his boots are undoubtedly as high tech as the rest of his costume. 

This pair of running shoes inspired by The World’s Greatest Detective are lightweight and sturdy. Whether you’re planning to go for a long jog or need some comfortable shoes for the gym, look no further.

  1. Captain America workout shirt 

Few superheroes champion self-improvement as much as Captain America. A symbol of hope, justice and fitness, Steve Rogers is a role model for anyone who’s looking to up their fitness game and develop a body to be proud of.

For extra inspiration, it’s worth looking into this workout shirt that’s based on Cap’s costume. Lightweight and flexible, the shirt has overlock stitch reinforced panels, jersey mesh ventilation for better breathability and thumb holes for people who want to run to their heart’s content. 


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