Exploring Visual Stories With Photography Fables

Since I was a kid, pop culture and fantasy have been a big part of my life and during difficult times I’ve tended to fall back on them for a sense of routine and purpose. To say 2020 has been difficult would be an understatement, but a silver lining has come from having more time to pursue things that I’d never attempted until now.

As a new skill, I’ve decided to take up photography and it’s inspired me to launch an online portfolio called Photography Fables. 

Telling fantasy stories through photos 

The idea behind Photography Fables is that I want to tell visual stories through the lens of pop culture, fantasy and historical periods that I’m interested in. This includes steampunk, viking mythology and comics. There’s also going to be collections of landscape photography, street photography and product photos.

Haunted Woods shot by Photography Fables.

Having an online portfolio is a way of challenging myself and tracking my progress as a photographer. I’ve purchased a Canon EOS 2000D and found it to be an excellent entry level camera. It features a guided tour of all the settings and has helped me to play around with different modes as I become more confident shooting different scenes.

There are already a few different collections on Photography Fables that I’d love for you to check out. One is called Haunted Woods, which features photos I’ve taken from around my home city of Manchester and used them to create a spooky short story. 

Another mini collection is called Magneto Was Right and focuses on a statue of Magneto shot from different angles. The shoot was meant to convey different emotions and it helped me to experiment with aperture, shutter speed and IOS.

Photography Fables Magneto shoot.

Gathering honest feedback 

The main focus of the website is to build a community of people who’re passionate about fantasy and pop culture based photography. I value all honest feedback on the photos and any advice on helping me to improve my skills. 

Click here to follow Photography Fables and let’s go on a fantastical visual journey together!

Author: thecomicvault

Short story writer, comic geek and cosplayer hailing from Manchester, England. Find my pop culture ramblings on The Comic Vault.

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