Launching An Instagram Channel Dedicated To Comics, Superheroes And Positive Mental Health

For those who’ve been reading The Comic Vault for a while, you’ll have seen that mental health is a major pill of the site’s content and was always intended to be a vital talking point from the start. By viewing mental health through the lens of comics and popular culture, I wanted to help destigmatise topics like anxiety, depression and suicide and normalise the conversation.

In 2020, finding a positive mental health routine has become even more important and through my own experiences this year it’s inspired me to want to combine mental health and comics in a new way and that has led to the creation of the Instagram channel A Superhero Mentality. 

The highs and lows of superheroes 

The name of the channel comes from The Comic Vault series Superhero Mentality, which focuses on the positive mental health routines of different comic characters and I wanted to translate that idea into a different medium. While The Comic Vault’s content varies across comic reviews, character spotlights and other segments, A Superhero Mentality will focus exclusively on mental health.

I’ll be sharing my ramblings on the mental health practices of superheroes and supervillains and applying it to concepts like positive affirmations, mindfulness and wellness. 

One recent example was a post about Namor The Sub-Mariner, who calls out ‘Imperius Rex’ whenever he goes into battle. This catchphrase can be compared to a positive affirmation of self-belief. Whenever Namor goes into battle he’s announcing to himself and the world that he’s ready to fight at all costs. He’s reminding himself that he’s a king, warrior and badass and that is the power of a positive affirmation at work. It’s a belief-changing mindset and there are many other examples of this in comics that I’ll explore through the channel.

Creating positive mental health routines

Comics are a part of my mental health regime. Whether it’s writing about superheroes or imagining what characters like Polaris would do in a certain situation, these actions provide me with a good foundation and act as coping mechanisms. It’s my hope that A Superhero Mentality can help to shine a light on why comics can be a great mental health practice for others as well.

Feel free to follow the channel here and spread the word as well. Keep safe and stay well!


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