10 Video Games That Give Players The Best Weapon At The Start

At the start of a video game, everything feels new and exciting. There’s the chance to jump into a fresh world, learn how to control a character and take on whatever challenges are thrown your way. Part of what makes playing a game so satisfying is levelling up, whether through gaining new skills or getting access to better weapons. 

After slogging through hours of combat, getting to wield a more powerful weapon is an appealing thought. It reflects the effort that has been put in by the player to understand the gaming world. Upgrades keep them motivated and create the opportunity for customisation. 

While some games make the player work for their progression, others throw caution to the wind and offer the best weapons from the start. They are the kind of games that invite us to take our foot off the pedal and leap forward with the greatest tools at our disposal. 

Whether it’s offering a one-shot killing device or a stylish sword, some games simply want the player to revel in the act of being someone nobody wants to mess with at the beginning.

10. Assassin’s Creed

When it was first released in 2007, Assassin’s Creed had all the makings of an epic story. Over a decade later, the franchise is still going strong, and a defining part of the series has been the assassination of characters with the hidden blade. 

Small, efficient and deadly, the hidden blade is the calling card of the Assassin order, dispatching targets with a single strike. First wielded by Altair Ibn-La’Ahad to kill an unsuspecting guard in a temple, the hidden blade has come to represent everything that makes Assassin’s Creed such a fun series. 

Over the years, the hidden blade has received various upgrades, such as housing a gun or being part of a dual set. The weapon has become legendary in the hands of fan favourites like Ezio Auditore Da Firenze, Edward Kenway and Evie Frye. The hidden blade will remain one of the greatest starting weapons in gaming history because of its sheer simplicity.

9. Legend Of Zelda: Breath Of The Wild 

When it comes to versatility, the Sheikah Slate from Legend of Zelda: Breath Of The Wild is an extremely reliable weapon in any situation.

The tablet has a variety of offensive capabilities, which take the form of runes that Link can use to defend himself. For example, the remote bomb rune causes a blast that destroys monsters or can scatter their weapons, while the magnesis rune allows Link to wield metal in the world, such as crates that you can drop on unsuspecting enemies. 

Another rune, cryonis, generates ice pillars that Link can climb and use to block enemy attacks. The stasis rune lets Link control the flow of time as well, freezing enemies in their tracks and giving him the chance to counterstrike. 

The Sheikah Slate also features a number of passive abilities. One of the most prominent features is a map of Hyrule that allows Link to navigate the world. He can also use it to gain access to ancient shrines that are scattered across the land. The tool also sports a temperature metre and built-in clock. 

What makes the Sheikah Slate a truly amazing starting weapon is its adaptability, though. Even when other weapons break, it will still be there to get the player through another section of the game.

As a bonus, the Sheikah Slate is designed to look like a Nintendo Switch or a Wii U Game Pad, a nod to the platforms that Legend of Zelda: Breath of The Wild was released on.

8. Castlevania

Few supernatural-based gaming franchises have the kind of staying power like Castlevania. The series has been adapted to different mediums, spawned reboots and captivated gamers the world over. 

Within the Castlevania world, the Belmont clan are locked in an eternal struggle with Dracula. In order to defeat the Prince of Darkness, the Belmonts must call on an arsenal of divine weaponry to stop him. The most powerful of all is the Vampire Killer, a legendary whip that causes severe harm to occult creatures.

Passed down through the generations, the Vampire Killer is wielded by a Belmont at the start of the game. Although it’s usually depicted as a common leather whip, there have been several variations. The most famous version is the Morning Star, a wicked chain whip that features a mace ball at the end. 

Not only is the weapon potent enough to slay Dracula, it has even damaged the Grim Reaper himself. Part of the fun of Castlevania games is upgrading the Vampire Killer and turning it into the ultimate supernatural weapon of mass destruction. 

7. Devil May Cry 2 

Devil May Cry has earned a reputation for over-the-top action and powerful weaponry that defies the laws of physics. While Devil May Cry 2 might not have been the strongest entry in the franchise, it did introduce gamers to Rebellion, a vicious double-edged blade belonging to lead character Dante.

A magically enhanced sword, Rebellion is sharp enough to cut through virtually any material. Dante has used it to kill countless demons and monsters. Linked to Dante’s blood, Rebellion enables the demon slayer to unlock his own demonic form, turning him into an even deadlier fighter. 

What makes Rebellion the best weapon in Devil May Cry 2 is its simplicity. The game established the sword as a formidable item that can stand up to other DMC weapons like the Yamato or Sword of Sparda. While there have been more destructive armaments throughout the series, the stylishness in which Dante wields his signature weapon can’t be matched.

6. Bayonetta

Bayonetta is another series that involves plenty of violence and non stop action. The titular character relies on an arsenal of weapons to cut through the demons, angels and monsters found in the world. But what could be more deadly than using your own hair to destroy enemies in the blink of an eye?

Early on, Bayonetta gains the power of Wicked Weaves, a vortex of magic that appears from her hair. As an Umbra Witch, Bayonetta has the ability to summon demons, and the Wicked Weaves make full use of that power. When using Wicked Weaves, Bayonetta conjures the imposing Madama Butterfly, a demoness she made a pact with to crush her foes. The further into a combo attack Bayonetta is, the more powerful the technique becomes.

In the second game, the attack gains an upgrade called Infernal Weaves. The variant allows Bayonetta to create infernal demons that cause greater damage to the area around her.

5. Gears Of War

Gears Of War will go down in history as an iconic gaming series. Gritty themes, hyper-masculine characters and explosive firepower are staples of a franchise that has been going strong since 2006. The guns in Gears Of War are big, mean and lethal, with the most iconic weapon, the Lancer, being handed to the player quickly. 

The Lancer is perfect for fighting at close quarters and raining down fire on Locusts from a distance. An assault rifle that comes equipped with a chainsaw bayonet, the Lancer is the brainchild of Adam Fenix. Realising that a regular bayonet wasn’t enough to get through the tough hide of a Locust, Fenix solved the problem by adding a chainsaw to the end. 

The Lancer offers a brilliant mix of accuracy, power and range. This makes it an ideal weapon for multiplayer, as it has an instant-kill property. Although it may not have been able to hold up to stronger weapons scattered throughout the map, the Lancer’s reliability is undisputed.

4. God Of War

When it comes to fabled gaming weapons, the Blades Of Chaos from the God Of War series are legendary. The opening sequence of God Of War 1 involves Kratos using the blades to tear his way through a gaggle of monsters on the Aegean Sea. From that moment on, the weapons played a key part in Kratos’ journey. 

While the Spartan warrior has utilised other weapons throughout the series, the Blades Of Chaos are synonymous with the character. Forged by Ares, the Blades Of Chaos became a blessing and a curse to Kratos. Although he’s used them to slaughter his foes, the weapons are also responsible for killing his family.

There’s no doubt that the Blades Of Chaos are effective in combat. They can be whipped around to hit targets at a distance and pulled back for close quarter fighting. In the most recent God of War game, the blades can be upgraded to the point that they unleash a devastating meteor shower. 

3. Devil May Cry 4

Devil May Cry has a habit of giving players the best starting weapon in more than one game. In Devil May Cry 4, the protagonist, Nero has a weapon called the Devil Bringer, which also happens to be his right arm. As the physical manifestation of Nero’s demonic power, the Devil Bringer helped Nero take on all comers. 

The most notable aspect of the Devil Bringer was that it could summon a giant, spectral arm to attack enemies. Players could utilise a technique called ‘Buster,’ which allowed Nero to throw demons up in the air. He could also pull objects to himself with a move called ‘Snatch’ and bring enemies towards him with a move known as ‘Hell Bound.’

The Devil Bringer also played an important role in Nero’s devil trigger. On becoming the owner of the Yamato sword, Nero summoned a ghostly samurai warrior who wielded the blade whenever he was in devil trigger mode. 

What’s great about using the Devil Bringer is the versatility it provides. Players can use it to mix and match their fighting styles and create different combos. For example, when Nero tossed enemies up in the air, he could slice them with his sword, Red Queen, or shoot them with his pistol, Blue Rose.

2. Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice

When slogging through a game as gruelling as Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice, players need all the help they can get. Luckily, there’s the shinobi prosthetic to rely on. After Sekiro’s arm is ripped off in the opening hours of the game, he receives a wooden prosthetic that contains a collection of tools for defending himself. Sekiro must find the tools hidden throughout the world and return to The Sculptor, who upgrades the prosthetic accordingly. 

They range from shuriken stars thrown at a distance, to the shinobi firecracker that unleashes an explosive flash. Other utensils are more destructive, like the flame vent that coats targets in a wall of fire. 

Another tool worth finding is the loaded axe, which breaks through wooden shields and disrupts an enemy’s guard. Perhaps the most useful mechanism within the prosthetic is the grappling hook. When in danger, Sekiro can use it to make a quick escape. 

During combat, Sekiro wields the tools in combination with his katana. Each can be swapped out and replaced with a weapon that comes in handy for a specific situation. For example, the firecracker is invaluable against a boss called Gyoubu Oniwa, who fights on horseback. Whenever Oniwa comes close, the player can activate the firecracker and distract the horse long enough to attack Oniwa without being damaged.

1. Halo

Firearms are a cornerstone of the Halo series, and out of all the weapons Master Chief gets his hands on, the M6D Personal Defence System needs to be mentioned for its reliability. Given to the player by Captain Keys at the Pillar of Autumn, the M6D is one of the most combat-effective weapons in Halo.

The semi-automatic gun is powerful because it can kill a target with a single shot to the head. Five shots to the body is enough to achieve the same result. A versatile weapon, the M6D causes a large amount of damage to enemies that rely on shields, shredding them to pieces with ease. 

The M6D might not be the biggest or the flashiest Halo gun. But what it lacks in size, it makes up for in accuracy, range and reusability. Only the most skilled fighters can handle it, meaning Master Chief deserves to be saluted for his awesomeness.


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