Comic Kitchen: Ravager

Comic Kitchen highlights the eating habits of different superheroes and tells their story through the medium of food. There’s something powerful about eating food that makes you feel closer to your heritage. For Rose Wilson, heritage is an integral part of her identity. As the daughter of Deathstroke, Ravager has needed to find a way to step out of her father’s shadow and forge her own legacy.

To do this, Rose has leaned into her Cambodian roots and looked to understand the life of her mother. With that in mind, I’ve come up with a Cambodian inspired menu that mixes western and eastern influences together.

Starter – Nom Pout

Given her toughness and resilience, I imagine Ravager having a liking for spicy food. So, she’d have a starter with some fire to it. She’d enjoy a dish of Nom Pout, spicy Cambodian corn fritters that are filling and healthy.

Made with a mixture of spring onion, coriander and lime leaves, the fritters are served with a generous helping of garlic and sweet chilies. Ravager would dip each fritter into the sauce and make the most of the peppery flavours.

Main – Ka’Thiew

Everyone has their own definition of comfort food. For Rose, it’s a heady bowl of Ka’Thiew, traditional Cambodian broth packed with meatiness and goodness. Thick noodles bathe in a succulent beef stock, while large portions of meat float on the surface. Seasonings of garlic, siracha, green onions, hoisin sauce, radish and bean sprouts add even more flavour.

Ravager would take her time with the Ka’Thiew. She’d start off with chopsticks but would probably switch to slurping the broth with her hands once she’d polished off the noodles. She’s the kind of person who revels in the moment and that would be no different with the way she approaches food.

Dessert – Toffee Apple Cake

Ravager doesn’t strike me as someone with a massive sweet tooth. But she’d enjoy a dessert that could clear her palate, like a toffee apple cake. Crumbly and crunchy, the cake has a unique texture. Breaking through the rough surface reveals a soft, warm centre. The toffee flavour comes through, mingling with the tartness of the apple.

The cake is the perfect representation of Ravager: rough on the outside, soft inside. Rose has never stopped fighting to find her place in the world. Through embracing her Cambodian culture, she’s connected with a part of herself that doesn’t have to be tainted by the reputation of her father.


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