Guest Blog: How to Choose the Best Speakers for Comic Book Video Games

Video games have become so immersive that the sound plays an essential part in the gaming experience. It might be complicated to explain it to your 80-year-old grandmother or the non-gaming folk but you can present it in this way – play them an action-packed film with subtitles and muted sound.

Even though they would be able to read what the actors are saying, no emotion or mood will be relayed, which would make the watching experience uninteresting and even disappointing.

When it comes to playing comic book-based or any type of video games, without quality speakers you might miss out on important audio cues and not to mention that the experience of playing horror games such as Silent Hill will not be complete without the sound to chill the bones.

Since good speakers are as important as any other part of your gaming gear, choosing them might pose a challenge to a casual player. So, here are a few pieces of advice which might be helpful in your quest to find the right speakers.

The size of the room

The expression ‘the bigger, the better’ is not a wise strategy to implement when it comes to the choice of a surround system. Speakers which are too large placed in a small room will only lead to sound distortion. Technically speaking, you can place a 5.1 surround system in a small and large room alike, but an earth-shattering subwoofer is probably not something a gamer with a small room should opt for.

The importance of sound card

When dissatisfied with the sound of their stock speakers, many people decide to purchase other speakers and for some it solves the problem but for others, it may not. The fault is most likely in the quality of embedded sound chips, so purchasing state-of-the-art speakers will not help unless you buy an internal or external dedicated sound card.

Design vs. functionality

If you are a hardcore comics fan, you would not be able to resist the Batman and Spiderman Bluetooth speakers and not to mention the Iron Man’s bust speaker set with his eyes and chest lighting up with LED lights when active. However, these superhero speakers cannot always realistically relay the sound of their corresponding comic video games such as Batman: The Telltale Series and Marvel’s Spider-Man.

Gamers’ recommendations

Having in mind that there are numerous options out there and that it can sometimes be difficult to make a decision, here are some of the best surround systems, as recommended by gamers.

Logitech Z906 5.1 Surround Sound Speakers – these speakers were designed for PCs but they are a neat addition to the living room environment. The THX Certification makes up for not having HDMI inputs and you can still switch between audio modes with the remote.

Verdict: smart purchase with powerful sound.

Q Acoustics 3000 Series 5.1 Cinema Pack – offers such a crystal-clear sound that you will definitely lose touch with your real-life surroundings which is why any well-equipped computer shop would place this system in the top 10. You will have no problems hearing your opponent’s footsteps trying to sneak up on you. But on the downside, those who don’t have too much space will consider this pack’s size to be a bit problematic.

Verdict: suitable for rich sound seekers.

Razer Nommo Chroma 2.0 Gaming Speakers – Razer makes diving into the game an easy transition with its amazing sound quality. Bass ports which are located at the back deliver bass sound from different audio ranges. One of the biggest benefits of this system is that it is compatible with almost any hardware you connect it to, while the personalised lighting option comes as a nice addition.

Verdict: a reasonable solution for PC gamers.

Yamaha NS-SP1800BL 5.1 Speaker System – if you don’t put much attention to aesthetics, then you would love Yamaha. The quality of sound is more than decent, and the subwoofer is a pleasant surprise resonating by way of the floor to your body.

Verdict: a great deal for those on a budget.

Creative Gigaworks T20 Series II 2.0 Desktop Speakers – this 2-channel wonder has two space-saving speakers which allow additional space for the rest of your gaming gear. The knobs located in front facilitate its usage and the great thing about them is that the speakers can be plugged into any device you use for gaming. The only disadvantage is that the midtones are somewhat unrealistic.

Verdict: a solid and affordable option.

AVerMedia Sonicblast Gaming Soundbar GS333 – although this is a 2.1 channel system, the sound is stupendous even without multiple speakers. This is a wallet-friendly choice which might not be pretty on the eye to some but its efficiency compensates for its lack of charm. What some might find irritating is that the lowest sound setting is still quite loud so you need to have that in mind if you are on a mission to save Gotham City in the middle of the night.

Verdict: economical choice with decent sound and Bluetooth technology.

Samsung HW-K950 soundbar with Dolby Atmos – this gorgeous but pricy surround system is compact and offers a sublime sound. It is equipped with wireless surround speakers and a separate subwoofer but one of the coolest additions is the 3D audio feature (Dolby Atmos) which will rain down the sound on you even from the ceiling so be careful when you are playing a horror game.

Verdict: an affluent audiophile’s dream.

If you are a dedicated gamer who has escapades to other worlds and civilisations each day, the room you are in, as well as the equipment need to be up to par. Sitting many hours in an uncomfortable chair will not only influence your gaming performance but your health as well, as will the usage of a mouse which is inadequate for your hand.

Although many think solely of gamer’s PC configuration when somebody mentions gaming equipment, there are a plethora of things which can enhance your performance.

The speakers have a major role in the way gamers experience video games they play because there is a big difference if the sound is feebly emitted from speakers or if they are sitting on the edge of their chairs while listening to every sound with their heart pounding.

The sound helps gamers plunge deep into the heart of whatever mission they might be attempting to accomplish which is why choosing quality speakers is crucial.

Billy Bum is an electrical engineer, tech, and gaming fan with 15 years of experience in the tehnology world.


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