Guest Blog: A ‘What If’ Moment: What If The Joker Went On A Road Trip?

It would be an unlikely plot contrivance, but still an interesting one to think about: What if one of our beloved characters was forced on the road for a lengthy period of time? What would their method of transportation be? What would it look like?

We don’t need to spend a whole lot of time thinking about the answers to these questions, because a concept artist from a motorcaravan company has already set out to answer them. There’s some really cool illustrations not just from the comic book world, but from TV and cinema. Let’s look at The Joker’s first:

The Joker on the road

The Joker once described himself as like “a dog chasing cars”, so he would probably design his vehicle on impulse. The strange-yet-familiar characteristics of his psyche would probably throw up something we all recognise, however, and I would bet this image wouldn’t look too far from the mark.

The Joker, self-absorbing as he is, would probably want his motorcaravan to be as conspicuous as possible. The cab features his classic rictus grin, with the “Mr. J’s House of Fun” sign being little more than a snare for would-be victims.

The inside, as one could imagine, would be an assault on the senses, and about as hospitable as outer space. Like the inner confines of his mind, the living quarters would only serve as further testament to The Joker’s insanity.


Darth Vader on the road

Darth Vader is by proxy a comic hero himself. Even though his creation and rise to fame was on the big screen, he’s appeared in hundreds of comics over the past half a century. I imagine if we all took a moment to think about what Vader’s motorcaravan would look like, it’d be something like this. After all, it’s essentially a repurposed Imperial Shuttle.


Vader often used the Shuttle for transport between the Imperial Fleet to the surface of planets, so it makes sense that he’d use something similar for travel across surfaces.

Even the inside is well familiar with Star Wars fans, minus some creative license to humour the villain (the Han Solo-carbonite fridge; the Mustafar BBQ pit). There’s Padmé’s photograph – Vader was tricked into being evil to save Padmé after all – but then there’s the sort of expected meditation chamber; the 3-D chess board, and the conference table, and so on.


Daenerys on the road

Everyone should be familiar with the “mother of dragons” Daenerys Targaryen, especially after Game of Thrones came to a conclusion recently. Again, this is an image that I feel is pretty uncontentious… if you’ve ever taken the time to think about it that is.


The inside is up for debate, however. In this visualisation the artist has gone with a more Essos-dominated look. If you are a fan of the show, you will know that Daenerys is essentially exiled from her home continent (Westeros) and pretty much grows up in a fictional representation of what is basically the near Middle East. So whether that would influence the interior or not depends on how you interpret her character.


Harry Potter on the road

Of all the characters least likely to have a motorcaravan, it’s probably Harry Potter. I mean, the wizard can take advantage of various supernatural transportation networks (such as the Floo network, which involves blowing a powder into a fireplace), and would be condemned for flying around in the muggle world anyway (as he was in the Flying Ford Anglia in Chamber of Secrets).

But if he did have one, I can see it looking like this.


As for the living space; well this is pretty much just a reinvention of the Gryffindor common room. Not a bad thing, and in all seriousness, probably what Harry would feel comfortable sleeping in. (I don’t suppose he would try to make it look like a cupboard under the stairs.) There’s even a fireplace, in case he gets stuck in traffic and wants to fall back on the Floo network for witches and wizards only.


Sheldon Cooper on the road

Of all the characters most likely to have constructed their motorcaravan entirely from scratch, it’s Sheldon Cooper. (Even The Joker probably bought or stole some old model before giving it a makeover.) Given that he is a physicist with a deep interest in space, Star Wars and Star Trek, and a huge fan of The Flash, this ‘USS Bazinga’ design makes sense to me.


Sheldon Cooper does not have his own comic book, but he is a big admirer of them. So it would make sense for the interior of his motorcaravan to be stuffed with all of the things he loves – comic books, artifacts of popular culture, his Fun with Flags props, and his computer consoles.

Basically the inside is Sheldon’s apartment. Which isn’t surprising, given how orderly and consistent Sheldon is, it’s unlikely that the inside would diverge much from his comfort zone.


So, what do you think? Do these motorhomes match up to their expectations? Or would you have imagined them differently?


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2 thoughts on “Guest Blog: A ‘What If’ Moment: What If The Joker Went On A Road Trip?”

  1. Okay here’s the thing with the Joker, does he shop at supermarkets? (Along the way of his roadtrip). Can you imagine him standing in line to refuel the Joker Mobile? Great post!


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