Guest Post: The Mental Health Benefits of Reading Comics

There has been plenty of discussion recently about mental health and how it impacts people. Everyone is always looking for ways to improve their mental health, whether they want to cheer up, help their kids grow, or just to entertain themselves. Comic books may be a good solution to all of those problems. Why? Find out!

They are entertaining

Comics are simply entertaining. We need entertainment in our lives, whether we are kids or adults. Entertainment in moderation can help us unwind after a stressful day or escape from our troubles. Obviously, consuming too much can distract us from taking care of our real problems, but a little bit of entertainment here and there is okay.

They teach us empathy

Comic book characters are not as one-dimensional as some like to believe. From the psychological torment of heroes like Storm to the trauma of villains such as Mr. Freeze, not only do we love these characters, but we learn to empathise with them as well. Characters are often different than us too, coming from different racial, religious, and income backgrounds, and sometimes not even being of this earth. This can teach us more about empathy, which is always a valuable skill.

They inspire minds both young and old

Maybe you want to be a comic book artist or create heroes of your own. One lovely aspect of comics is that they can inspire people to be creative. You don’t have to be a great artist to get out a pen or pencil and draw your own comic. And just as your heroes improve their powers with time, you can improve your skills as an artist.

They teach perseverance

What’s great about comics is the fact that their stories can have so many twists and turns. Our heroes can go through the biggest struggles, and even die, but still come out on top in the end. In real life, we have our own struggles, and while we’re not superheroes, we can find our own ways to persevere despite all odds.

They are satisfying to collect

If you want a hobby, being a comic book collector isn’t a bad move. Unless you’re going for a super rare issue, comic books are quite cheap to collect, and having a longbox filled with comic books can be extremely satisfying. Having a hobby or a collection is a great way to make you feel mentally well.

They are good for kids

What rocks about modern comics is that they are good for kids. Comics can teach children about important life lessons, help them learn empathy and inspire them to read. If you have a child, giving them some comic books, or perhaps letting them read your own, is a good move. For more ways you can provide for your kids, click here or look here.

Take care of yourself

Comics can only help so much. If you’re suffering from severe depression, anxiety, or another mental health woe, the real heroes are those who can help treat you and be a better person. Online counselling and therapy services like Regain can make you a better person and help you to grow. For more information, go to

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4 thoughts on “Guest Post: The Mental Health Benefits of Reading Comics”

  1. I think they also allow folk of all literacy levels the opportunity to share the same story lines, without struggling through swathes of text. I love them for allowing folk of all abilities to access genuinely great stories…..


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