Comic Kitchen: Cullen Bloodstone

Brunch is one of the greatest inventions in the history of food. The combination of breakfast and lunch is a recipe for success, with various dishes bringing together the best of both worlds. Brunch can be a sacred ritual to some and a guilty pleasure to others, and for Cullen Bloodstone, brunch represents the latter. This edition of Comic Kitchen focuses on the eating habits of the youngest member of the Bloodstone family and examines why he’s a secret brunch lover.

When Cullen was 10, his father left him stranded in an alternate dimension, forcing him to survive on whatever he could find. The experience gave him a deep appreciation for food, but it also hardened him, and he grew up with a jaded outlook on the world.

He’s spent his life trying to keep people at a distance, but deep down he seeks to be understood, which is why I’d see him enjoying brunch because of how it encourages people to sit around a table and chat. Brunch is more than a meal. It’s a dining experience to be shared with others, and no matter how much Cullen grumbled, he’d be grateful to be included.

Starter – Yoghurt-infused Porridge Topped with Honey-glazed Bananas

Porridge is a staple of any good brunch menu, but I’d see Cullen wanting to experiment with different variations because he doesn’t strike me as someone who is satisfied with having the same thing again and again.

This bowl of porridge has been mixed with lemon yoghurt to make it extra creamy. The taste of the lemon blends well with the sweetness of the honey-coated bananas. Cullen would choose the ingredients for their health benefits and enjoy the added flavour.

Main – Triple Stacked Egg and Cheese Toastie with Salad

Cullen struggles to control the Glartrox, a monstrous parasite bonded to his soul. The Glartrox feeds on the host’s negative emotions, becoming more powerful over time, which means that Cullen is dining for two.

I’d see him choosing a main course that’s high in protein and carbs, such as an oversized egg and cheese toastie. The melted cheese compliments the runniness of the eggs. Cullen would take the time to slice the toasite in half and appreciate the gooiness overflowing from the bread.

The salad contains spinach, tomatoes and braised lettuce. The vegetables balance out the heaviness of the toastie and could be used to mop up any remaining egg or cheese.

Dessert – Red Velvet Cake

After devoured a savoury main course, Cullen would be craving a sweet treat. I’d imagine him picking out a scrumptious red velvet cake because of its colour and consistency. He’d associated the red colouring with the Bloodstone ring that helps to keep the Glartrox contained.

Red velvet cake is known for leaving behind a moist taste on the tongue. Traditionally made from buttermilk, cocoa, flour, eggs, vanilla extract and ermine icing, there are several variations of the dessert.

A popular theory states that the cake received its red colouring during World War II. Bakers needed to ration their supplies, so they began adding beets to their desserts to make them more appealing and to create a moist flavour. Although there is no clear correlation between beets and red velvet cake, it is an interesting thesis, nonetheless.

Ultimately, brunch is an experience that makes people happy. Cullen would only dine with the few people he trusts, like his sister Elsa and his friend Nico Minoru. But as soon as he saw a table stacked with food, he’d remember that there are moments that need to be enjoyed with the people who make life worth living.

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