Superhero Mentality: Polaris

In recent years, mental health management has become one of the most talked about topics in the world. More and more people are opening up about their disorders and changing the perception of mental health. But coping with a disorder like anxiety or depression is an ongoing battle. Finding positive role models who’ve gone through similar experiences can help you realise that you’re not alone. Look no further than superheroes.

Superhero Mentality is a series that’s dedicated to finding positive lifestyle routines through the lens of different characters. Polaris is a hero who’s struggled with her mental health for years. A sufferer of bipolar disorder, Lorna Dane’s story is highly relatable from a millennial point of view. That’s why I’ve created a mental health routine that I think she’d stick to. Perhaps it can inspire other millennials to find their own coping strategies.

Positive affirmations

The first thing I see Polaris doing is reciting a positive mantra to herself every morning. Her internal monologue would involve being thankful for her powers and the good she can achieve with them. As the daughter of Magneto, Lorna inherited her father’s control over magnetism, making her one of the most powerful mutants on the planet. Channeling her abilities constructively would improve her feelings of self-esteem.

Positive affirmations are a useful way of replacing negative self-talk and breaking out of a pessimistic mindset. Polaris’ mantra might involve phrases like ‘I am strong and capable’ or ‘I am worth it.’ She’d repeat the affirmations several times a day.

Relaxing with a cup of coffee

Everyone has their small comforts and coffee is an important part of Lorna’s routine. I picture her waking up with a craving for caffeine and enjoying the smell of freshly roasted coffee beans. After all, the aroma of coffee is meant to inspire good feelings.

From a mental health perspective, the act of pouring a cup of joe is beneficial. Polaris would use it as a touchpoint for getting out of bed and stopping her mind from being overwhelmed by thoughts of depression.

Creating metal sculptures

Feeling in control of herself is an integral part of Lorna’s personality. Her magnetic abilities are linked to her mood, becoming more destructive during times of mental anguish. To put herself in a relaxed mood, I can imagine Polaris using her powers to construct objects like sculptures and figurines. She might start off small and then work her way up to bigger projects.

A form of art therapy, Lorna’s creative endeavours would help to improve the precision of her powers. In addition, the act of sculpting would clear her head of all negativity, allowing her to concentrate on something worthwhile.

Professional support and therapy

Lorna’s bipolar disorder has wreaked havoc on her life. She’s suffered from several mental breakdowns and attempted suicide. Despite her issues, she’s continued to fight for her happiness and she’s never been afraid to ask for help when necessary.

Polaris has sought out professional help from doctors and therapists. But with her busy schedule it’s not always easy to make an appointment. I could see her benefiting from an app like Push Doctor, which allows patients to get in touch with medical professionals quickly. The app works by making an online appointment with a doctor. Once a time has been booked in, a patient can talk to a doctor via video. If medication is necessary, Push Doctor can send a prescription to a local pharmacy within an hour.

Push Doctor practitioners are able to provide support for people with bipolar disorder. Polaris would have peace of mind knowing she can speak to a mental health specialist on the go and get the medicine she needs to manage her disorder.

Push Doctor’s Dr Prudence Knight gave her thoughts on the condition.

“Bipolar disorder is a serious mental health condition best managed by a mental health team. Here at Push Doctor we can support you by talking through your condition and any medications you might be prescribed. As GPs, we are experienced in helping you to manage multiple health conditions and explaining how they might interact.”

Spending time with Dad

Lorna’s relationship with Magneto is extremely complex. It could be argued that he has contributed to her mental health struggles as much as helped her, but it hasn’t stopped Polaris from trying to make the effort to understand him. Likewise, Magneto has learned to accept his daughter for who she is and tried to nurture her in his own way.

Recently, they have reconnected over their desire to protect mutantkind. Magneto has entrusted Lorna to watch over a team of younger mutants and challenge his strategies. The fact that Magneto wants his daughter to question him shows how much faith he has in her. While Lorna doesn’t need her father’s approval, I can imagine her gaining a sense of purpose from working with him for the betterment of mutants. Having a purpose improves self-esteem, thus making it one of the most effective methods of coping with mental health disorders.

Lorna has never let bipolar disorder define her. She’s developed into a strong leader, saved countless lives and rebuilt the bridge to her family. The key to mental health management is to take it a step at a time and appreciate the small milestones of progress.

(This version of Superhero Mentality was sponsored by Push Doctor. Please note that the app is only available to people in the UK and the series isn’t meant to be taken as lifestyle advice.)



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4 thoughts on “Superhero Mentality: Polaris”

  1. Great post! So many great tips that people can follow in real life to boost their self esteem! Repeating positive affirmations, getting creative, finding what puts us in a happy place, and spending time with loved ones are things we can all do! I think it’s always wonderful to see representation in movies, shows, or books(including comics). Like you said, it makes the character relatable and helps us feel understood. We know we are not alone. It also helps spread awareness. Thanks for sharing! By the way, I love the x men, but never really knew about Polaris. The only children Magneto had that I knew about were The Scarlet Witch and Quicksilver. Thanks for introducing me to a knew x men character!


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