Blogger Recognition Award For The Comic Vault

Since starting The Comic Vault in 2017, writing about comics and pop culture has given me a sense of purpose. I’m able to write about topics that I’m passionate about, so it’s always good to receive acknowledgement that my writing is connecting with people on a personal level. The Comic Vault has been tagged with The Blogger Recognition Award by In Asian Spaces and I’m grateful for the nomination!

The Blogger Recognition Award Rules

• Write a post about the award
• Thank the blogger who nominated you and link to their website.
• Describe the origin story of your blog.
• Give advice for new bloggers.
• Nominate 10 – 15 people who you think deserve the award.

I’ll start off by thanking In Asian Spaces for the recognition. As a fan of Japanese culture, I love reading content that is connected to the Land of the Rising Sun. I think In Asian Spaces does a fantastic job of putting a unique spin on Japan by writing articles about anime culture and the importance of Japanese etiquette.

The origin of The Comic Vault

The creation of The Comic Vault came about through my passion for reading comics. In 2017, I’d graduated from a Masters in Creative Writing and was finding it hard to land a full-time job. Being constantly knocked back from interviews caused my anxiety to flair up. To help improve my mental health and to fill the time in between job hunting, I started a website dedicated to pop culture.

Early topics on The Comic Vault focused on graphic novel and movie reviews, but it wasn’t long before I began to experiment with different ideas. I realised how big of an influence comics had become for my mental health. I created articles that focused on superheroes with mental health disorders and how they coped with their issues. The idea expanded into an ongoing series called Superhero Mentality. The segment focuses on creating positive routines through the eyes of different characters.

Two years later, The Comic Vault has evolved into a website that covers comics, mental health, food, Japanese culture, gaming and wrestling. All the topics I’m passionate about have been united under the banner of pop culture. I’ve been able to work with different brands and earn money by writing sponsored pop culture articles. In the future, I plan to expand the website and continue to advocate comics as a source of positive mental health.

Advice to new bloggers

Be consistent – Find a writing schedule that works for you and stick to it. You could start off by writing two blogs every weekend and expand on it over time.

Experimentation is key – Once you’ve found a subject you’re passionate about, think about how you can connect it to other themes. For example, I created two series called Comic Kitchen and Pop Culture Pub Crawl that combine comics with food and drink.

Create segments that you can write about on a regular basis and show them to the brands you want to work with. Explain how you think the company can fit into the series and see if they are interested. In my experience, brands are always looking for niche content that allows them to reach their audience in a fresh way. By experimenting with different pieces of content, you’ll increase the chances of securing sponsored posts, affiliate links etc.


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