Comic Kitchen: Wolfsbane

Comic Kitchen is a series that tells the story of a superhero through the food they eat. Scottish food is some of the heartiest in the world and it’s a reflection of the people of Scotland. As a Scottish superhero, Wolfsbane is the ideal character for putting together a Highlands menu. Usually, I’d do a three-course meal. But as Wolfsbane has a large appetite, I’ve created a menu of what she’d eat throughout the day.

Breakfast – Full Scottish

Rahne Sinclair has the mutant power to turn into a wolf. This means she’d have a high-protein diet that consists of big portions and meat. It would give her the energy she’d need when in animal form. She’d start off her day by eating a full Scottish breakfast. The Full Scottish is a variation of the Full English. It features beans, Lorne sausage, Stornoway black pudding, Haggis, bacon, eggs, stovies and toast.

All of the ingredients fuse together to make a wholesome breakfast. I can picture Rahne eating the Full Scottish in a quiet café like Daneli’s Deli in Edinburgh. She’d be the first customer of the morning, having returned to human form after being out all night.

Lunch – Cullen Skink

After having a large breakfast, I’d see Wolfsbane eating lunch around midday. She strikes me as someone who would have her meals at precise times. For lunch, she’d go with Cullen skink, a hearty Scottish soup that contains smoked haddock, potatoes and onions. Originating in Cullen, Moray, the soup is rich and creamy.

Due to her animalistic nature, I don’t think Wolfsbane would be self-conscious about how she eats. It’s why she’d slurp the Cullen skink down and dip her bread into the mixture without giving much thought to the people around her.

Dinner – Venison Casserole

I see meat being Rahne’s favourite type of food and dinner being her most important meal of the day. It’s why she’d go for a filling venison casserole. She’d pick a cosy place to eat, like the Ensign Ewart in Edinburgh. Their venison casserole is soaked in Scottish ale and mixed with mashed potatoes and Mull of Kintyre cheddar. The dish is as satisfying as it is warming, perfect for eating on a cold winter night.

Dessert – Whiskey Cranachan

For dessert, Wolfsbane would eat a traditional Scottish sweet treat like cranachan. The dessert is made of cream, oats, raspberries and honey. Originally, the dessert was called ‘cream crowdie’ after the soft Scottish cheese that’s similar to ricotta. Traditionally, served during summer, cranachan can be enjoyed all year around.

With her heightened senses, I’d picture Wolfsbane wanting a dessert with more kick. She’d enjoy eating the whiskey cranachan that’s served at Edinburgh’s Whiski Rooms. Their version is layered with toasted oats, raspberry gel, raspberry sorbet and infused with whiskey and honey. Rahne would enjoy the boozy treat and lick it from her fingers. When food looks this good, how can you not want to embrace your inner wolf?

If you’re food blogger of restaurant owner, let me know if you’d like to collaborate on Comic Kitchen. Get in touch with me at or use the contact form.


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