Predicting The Future Of Medical Technology With Doctor Nemesis

In the past thirty years, technology has advanced at a rapid pace. We’re more connected than ever before and new devices are being invented on a regular basis. When it comes to thinking about the technology of the future, comics provide plenty of inspiration. In the Marvel Universe, there’s no shortage of brilliant scientists who’ve developed life-changing equipment. One of the most interesting scientists is Doctor Nemesis. Born in the early 20th century, Nemesis created technology that helped him live longer. Whether you’re a science or comic fan, the character is worth reading about to get a sense of how advanced medical devices could become in future.

A medical genius

Before his career as a superhero, Dr James Bradley worked as a medical physician. His mutant powers gave him superhuman intelligence, allowing him to create devices ahead of his time. An early project involved him working with Professor Phineas Horton to create the original Human Torch, Jim Hammond. Bradley believed the android shouldn’t be shown to the public until a flaw was fixed. Eager for fame, Horton ignored him and the android caught fire. The project was labelled a PR nightmare, causing Bradley to go into business for himself.

In the 1940s, Bradley created another android that would become the superhero Volton. Seeing the good he could do, Bradley took on the identity of Doctor Nemesis. He set up at Mercy Hospital in New York, working to keep the city free from crime. Eventually, Nemesis became disillusioned with the state of American politics and aligned himself with the Third Reich during WW2. Bradley changed his name to Doctor Death and created a device called an oscillotron, which could cause extreme earthquakes to destroy the US. The Invaders put a stop to Bradley’s plans and he was left for dead.

Seeing the error of his ways, Bradley returned to New York and resumed his Doctor Nemesis persona. To extend his life, he enhanced his immune system and genetics. In the modern day, Nemesis joined the X-Men. Setting up the team’s scientific division, X-Club, Nemesis dedicated himself to the health and wellbeing of mutants. His intelligence made him a respected voice in the mutant community, though his arrogance caused friction.

Advancements in medical and counselling technology

Doctor Nemesis’ ingenuity makes me think of the possibilities of future healthcare options. Imagine being able to harness the power of immortality. Companies like Calico have investigated the potential of life-preserving technology by mixing biotech and artificial intelligence together.

The same can be said for technology that focuses on mental health. Telehealth and telemedicine are growing industries that help connect people remotely. The sector is made up of video, email and online services which make communication easier across large distances. A patient could potentially diagnose themselves or reach out to a renowned doctor in another country through video.

Telehealth is beneficial for people in need of counselling. For people who suffer with their mental health, they may not want to go and see a therapist. By using an online service, they could discover what’s wrong and take steps towards a positive lifestyle change.

We’re living in a world where the inventions of characters like Doctor Nemesis might soon become a reality. I think comics are a great medium for promoting positive mental health and bringing people together from all walks of life.

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