Comic Cover Corner: Elektra #2

When it comes to pop culture art, comic covers have some of the most beautiful designs. In this edition of Comic Cover Corner, I’m putting the spotlight on Elektra #2. Drawn by Mike Del Mundo, the cover features the assassin Elektra in a deadly dance of death. The colours, positioning and lighting come together to tell a story. Here’s my review of a cover that deserves to be hung up in a gallery.

The colours are the first thing that stand out about the art. Elektra’s red costume has been blended with the blood she’d shedding with her sais. I love the sloppiness of the red, how it arcs out into messy lines. There’s no mistaking the chaos of the scene, that Elektra is in a fight for her life. It feels like she’s become a part of the blood that is scattered in all directions. The red colouring contrasts well with the black background, creating a balance of light and dark.

Elektra’s posture and expression are worth mentioning. Del Mundo has positioned her as a dancer. Elektra’s leg is stretched out, suggesting that she could be pirouetting. The content expression on her face means that she’s enjoying herself, that she’s never felt more alive when she’s close to death. Del Mundo has done an incredible job of bringing elegance and violence together.

Soft lighting has been used to accentuate Elektra’s skin. I think Del Mundo did that to make the art more sensual. Elektra is beautiful and deadly in equal measure, so you can’t help but look at her as she carves a bloody swathe. The title font stands out as well because it ties into the discord. The pink colouring makes me think Elektra is fighting in the light of a neon sign, perhaps on a New York rooftop.

Elektra #2 is a gorgeous cover full of contradictory themes. Del Mundo’s depiction of the character is breath-taking because he’s juxtaposed Elektra’s gracefulness with brutality.

One of the most exciting Elektra stories to be written in recent memory is Elektra: Always Bet On Red. Be sure to check out my review on why you need to read it!


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