Pop Culture Pub Crawl: Thor

Saving the world is thirsty work, especially when you’re doing it on a regular basis. There are plenty of superheroes who like drinking and the Pop Culture Pub Crawl combines comics and alcohol together. This edition features Thor, a character whose strength is matched by his ability to consume a lot of booze. The God of Thunder’s drinking sessions are legendary, so here’s what I think he’d have when he’s out on the town.


Volume: 20%

Taste: Sweet

In traditional Nordic fashion, Thor would start off with a flagon of mead in his hand. The sweet drink has become synonymous with Norse mythology, with the Mead of Poetry being created from Kvasir the Wise. Anyone who drank the substance would be given new insight, becoming a poet or scholar.

Mead is brewed by fermenting honey with water. Depending on the alcoholic content, it can also include fruits and spices. Thor would go for a strong mead because of his natural alcohol tolerance. He’d need a strong beverage to get him going. Mead would be his drink of choice in Asgard, where he’d toast the other gods and start getting rowdy.


Volume: 37.5% – 40%

Taste: Spicy

Once Thor had downed several meads, he’d move on to Midgardian liquor. I’d see him going for Icelandic Brennivin because of its high alcohol content and spicy flavour. Brennivin is the national drink of Iceland and translates to ‘burning wine.’ Made from fermented grain or potato mash, the drink can be considered a flavoured spirit.

Brennivin is also known as ‘black death’ because of its potency. I could see Thor taking a lot of Brennivin shots or swigging the bottle. He might even have it with fermented shark if he’s drunk enough.

Odin’s Tipple

Volume: 11%

Taste: Malty

Thor has always revered his father Odin. So, he’d look to honour the elder god by drinking in his name. Odin’s Tipple is the ideal beer, strong, malty and memorable. The beer is made with a single strain of wild yeast and brewed by Norwegian company Haandbryggeriet.

Upon seeing Odin’s Tipple, Thor would become reflective. He’d raise his bottle to the heavens and proclaim his respect to his father.


Volume: 4.6%

Taste: Hoppy and malty

Having drank strong tasting alcohol, I feel Thor would want to change things up. For variation, he’d go for a lighter beer like Ringnes. The brand is one of the oldest Norwegian beers and it’s brewed with pure yeast. The pilsner has a golden colour, which is reminiscent of mead. Thor would taste a few different flavours, including a maltiness that had a undercurrent of bitterness.

Nogne Imperial Stout

Volume: 9%

Taste: Bittersweet

To round off his drinking session, Thor would choose a beer that packed in a lot of flavour. A few bottles of Nogne Imperial Stout would satisfy the God of Thunder. Brewed by craft company Nogne O, the drink is made with English ale yeast, Columbus and Crystal hops and Norwegian water.

The stout contains aromas of smoke, wood, spice and chocolate, making for a rich beverage. All of the flavours combine for a bittersweet taste, giving Thor an enjoyable experience.

If you’re a fan of Thor then don’t forget to look over his Pop Culture Playlist edition. It features ten songs that tell his story!


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5 thoughts on “Pop Culture Pub Crawl: Thor”

  1. I could see Thor drinking something like Kraken Black Rum. It’s pretty harsh tasting but it is satisfying to swallow. It tastes sweet at the back but is pretty punishing at the front. It’s a drink thor would gave after fighting frost giants or something.
    Another great Pub Crawl here, I’m loving these. 🙂


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