Venom Review: A Buddy Comedy Where Everyone Is On The Menu

Marvel have become the machine of superhero films, churning out hit after hit every year. So, when a different studio make a film about a popular character, you know there is going to be high expectations. Sony’s Venom features one of Spider-Man’s greatest enemies without the web-slinger being a part of it. It made me curious to see how Venom could exist without Spider-Man’s presence. Backed by the acting chops of Tom Hardy, Venom is a dark buddy comedy that doesn’t deserve the amount of negativity it’s received from critics.

The film establishes Eddie Brock as a tenacious reporter who’ll go to any length to find a story. Outside of his job, Brock comes across as insecure and neurotic, with Tom Hardy using a variety of facial ticks and grunts. Hardy’s performance is electric, lurching from daring journalist to screaming bystander at any given moment.

After bonding with the symbiote, Hardy cranks up his delivery even more. His back and forth with Venom is the best part of the film, with the two of them learning to work together. Venom is eager to eat people, while Brock wants to get rid of his parasite and go back to living a normal life. Their relationship has some hilarious moments. A scene in a restaurant had me laughing out loud for a couple of minutes.

Hardy is joined by Riz Ahmed’s Carlton Drake, a scientist responsible for bringing the symbiotes to Earth. Ahmed’s villain is forgettable, but the fight scene between him and Brock is action-packed. Michelle Williams stars as Eddie’s love interest Anne Weying. Her performance is decent and she goes beyond being a simple damsel in distress.

The story has a few inconsistencies but that didn’t take away from my enjoyment of the film. Even with the PG-13 rating, there’s still plenty of violence. Venom is exactly the kind of wild monster fans were hoping for. He bites off heads, calls his victims snacks and break limbs, all with a twisted grin on his face. Plus, there’s a lot of easter eggs that Spider-Man fans will appreciate seeing.

When I’ve finished watching a film, I ask myself if I was entertained. Did it keep me engaged? Did it make me laugh? Did I care about the main character? Venom ticked all those boxes for me. Brock and Venom’s relationship is made real by Hardy’s stellar acting. If you take away nothing else from the film, I guarantee you’ll enjoy Hardy’s performance. Venom is an entertaining movie that can exist outside the MCU.


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24 thoughts on “Venom Review: A Buddy Comedy Where Everyone Is On The Menu”

  1. This movie is nowhere near as bad as people say. Venom and Eddie work off eachother perfectly and while the final fight is meh for me, the rest of the action is solid. I hope the quality of this cinematic univserse does imporove because this has potential.

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      1. For me it was both yes and no. I loved Venom in this movie and how much os a smartass he was, but I think we could have benefitted from more scenes with venom in the flesh (or goo…). I hope that 40 minutes does get released, after all Tom Hardys best bits are among that footage.


  2. I saw the film yesterday and I’m truly beginning to wonder if critics these days only want to see art style type movies and not be entertained anymore (don’t get me wrong I see lots of different types of films so there is nothing wrong with art style type films). But Venom was pure entertainment. It was a fun and really cool movie, and it certainly doesn’t deserve all this negativity. Completely agree with you 😊

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    1. This movie is not perfect at all, it has its issues but don’t all movies? I think people overhyped the negativity cos this is a fun movie with some great comedy, decent action and a halfway decent idea. I hope they do more venom movies.

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      1. I completely agree with you. And it seems that this is the general consensus right now as well. I have seen numerous bloggers, and people on Youtube saying the same thing. It seems these days it’s not allowed to have fun anymore or something 😉

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      2. IKR, just because it wasn’t dark doesn’t make it bad. I do wish it was a bit more violent, after all it was rated 15 in the UK and you didn’t see any of that on screen. But at the end of the day it is an enjoyable film that I feel was a victim of its own hype.

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      3. True enough, it could have used a bit more violence like in Deadpool, but who knows maybe we will get that somewhere in the future with a director’s cut. All in all it was just a fun film, that I have no regrets at all for seeing it in the theatres 😊

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  3. I read that the negative reviews for Venom are as a result of Lady Gaga’s fans (the Little Monsters) spamming twitter and other social media platforms in a deliberate smear campaign so as to create more buzz for Gaga’s new movie, A Star is Born… Sad indeed but thanks for the review

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  4. I’ll be seeing this film this weekend and excited about it. And these days, I don’t pay much attention to critiques anymore. Besides I watch films to be entertained and as long as the movie was engaging enough, then it was a good film.

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  5. I’ve really been looking forward to this movie, so reading your review was great! I can’t wait to see it!

    (By the way, I want to take a moment and tell you I’ve been reading your blog for weeks now, I keep forgetting to like and comment. But you run a seriously badass blog, I love reading it! Keep up the great work!)

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