Pop Culture Pub Crawl: The Punisher

Alcohol is one of the largest businesses in the world and it’s safe to say there’s a drink to suit everyone’s needs. It’s an exciting time in the industry, with craft beers rising in popularity and gin having a major come back. It inspired me to debut a new series called the Pop Culture Pub Crawl. The series tells the story of comic characters and the drinks they enjoy. The first edition of Pop Culture Pub Crawl features the Punisher. Given his line of work, I’d imagine Frank Castle would be a man who likes to kick back with a beer.

Brooklyn Lager

Volume: 5.2%

Taste: Malty and bitter

After a long day of killing criminals and pursuing his own brand of justice, Punisher would find a quiet bar in New York. Frank is a man of simple tastes, so I’d see him choosing a beer like Brooklyn lager. It’s the kind of classic American drink that appeals to his blunt personality.

I’d picture Frank sitting at the bar alone, taking his time to enjoy the malty taste. Brooklyn lager is brewed through the process of dry hopping, which helps to enhance the flavour. Dry hopping is a British technique the Brooklyn Brewery adopted to create a versatile beer.


Volume: 4.8%

Taste: Fruity and hoppy

Once Frank had knocked back a few Brooklyn lagers, he’d move on to a drink that made him nostalgic. Punisher was born to Sicilian immigrants, which I why I think he’d choose Menabrea to remember his parents. Menabrea is meant to be the oldest beer in Italy, dating back to 1846 in the town of Biella.

Brewed in the Italian Alps, the beer is mixed with fresh glacier water to provide a refreshing taste. Menabrea has a consistent flavour that would keep Frank ticking over.

Samuel Adams Boston Lager

Volume: 4.8%

Taste: Hoppy

As Punisher sank deeper into his thoughts, he’d likely switch back to an American classic like Samuel Adams Boston lager. The beer’s hoppy flavour would make it easy to drink. Building on his nostalgia, I’d see Frank thinking about his wife and children. He’d raise a bottle to the memory of his family and for a little while he’d have a moment of peace.

Jim Beam White Label

Volume: 40%

Taste: Smooth and spicy

Punisher strikes me as a person who’d leave the harder stuff until the end of his drinking session. In the traditional American style, I’ve chosen Jim Beam White Label bourbon. This type of bourbon is aged for four years inside oak barrels. The process creates a smooth tasting drink with a hint of spice.

Frank wouldn’t choose the bourbon for how it tasted. He’d have picked it for the strength, either to numb his thoughts, or to help him rest.

Let me know what you think of Pop Culture Pub Crawl and if you’d like to see more editions in the future! For food and comics be sure to check out my ongoing Comic Kitchen series as well.



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2 thoughts on “Pop Culture Pub Crawl: The Punisher”

  1. Love it! But gotta say I disagree with two. The first is Frank would only drink Pabst or Budweiser because ‘Merica. Also he’s a a simple man. Second I have liked the idea from the movie that he was a Wild Turkey guy.

    But that’s the beauty of this! It makes us think about the character and try to create our own view. Great idea! Keep them coming!

    Liked by 1 person

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