Promoting Gothic Culture Through Supernatural Superheroes On Manchester’s HAUNT Blog

When it comes to writing about comics, promoting different characters is one of the most enjoyable parts. A great way to bring awareness is to write on websites that aren’t specifically geared towards comics. It’s why I’ve been writing an ongoing segment called Supernatural Superheroes for Visit Manchester’s HAUNT blog. The series is about combining gothic themes and pop culture together to promote lesser known superheroes.

In my opinion, gothic and comic culture have a lot in common. Originally, they were seen as counter movements that went against the mainstream. But over the years, both mediums have exploded in popularity. Comics have spawned arguably the biggest movie franchise in history, while people across the world have embraced the gothic as a fashion statement and lifestyle. Both communities are incredibly welcoming, which is where the inspiration for Supernatural Superheroes came from.

Manchester’s HAUNT blog focuses on everything gothic that can be found in my home city. There are spooky buildings, macabre stories and a rich history behind the creation of Manchester. Not only does the city celebrates one of the biggest Halloween festivals in the UK, but there are plenty of gothic events to take part in as well.

Supernatural Superheroes centres on heroes that embrace the darkness to fight for the light. Characters like Doctor Fate, Doctor Strange, Morbius and Brother Voodoo have all dedicated themselves to protecting the world from evil. In the segment I write about the history of a character and link it to Manchester. For example, an article I wrote about Raven focused on her being able to overcome her mental health issues. Manchester is a hub of mental health positivity, especially with organisations like The Horsfell and 42nd Street looking to improve the lives of young people.

With Halloween approaching, it feels like the perfect time to embrace the gothic. Be sure to check out the HAUNT website to follow the Supernatural Superheroes segment. I’ve included a list of the characters that I’ve written about so far:

Daimon Hellstrom

John Constantine



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