Experiencing The Student Life With Pixie And Her Steps To Graduation

Every year, many people go to university for the first time. Becoming a student is exciting because it’s a great chance to get some freedom and figure out who you want to be. The student journey is filled with uncertainty, hard work, laughter and friendship. A character who experienced the student life and came out stronger is Megan Gwynn, AKA Pixie.

Starting off as a student at the Xavier Institute, Pixie graduated into a full member of the X-Men. Getting to that position wasn’t easy and it involved a lot of growing up.

Entering the school of hard knocks

Pixie grew up in the the Welsh mining town of Abergylid. Her mutant abilities manifested from a young age, with her developing butterfly wings and black eyes. After her father died in the local mine, Pixie developed a phobia of the place and left. Years later, Pixie discovered her real father was actually the villain Mastermind. The discovery had a major impact on Megan’s school life, for which she had to come to terms with the knowledge.

She enrolled in the Xavier Institute, where she was assigned to the mentorship of Wolfsbane. In her early training sessions, Pixie wore a bicycle helmet because she had a fear of flying. Following M-Day, Pixie was one of only 27 students to retain her powers. She took part in Emma Frost’s battle royal to see who would train to be an X-Man, but didn’t make the cut.

Despite this setback, Megan continued to learn at the school, working on her confidence. Pixie’s first major field test came when she and her friends were sucked into the Limbo realm. She encountered Magik, who strong armed her into a ritual that involved Megan losing a piece of her soul. The portion of Megan’s soul became the Souldagger, to which she used as a weapon.

Ultimately, Pixie was able to save her friends from Limbo at the price of letting black magic enter her body. For her bravery, she was promoted to being a member of the New X-Men.

Stepping up

After returning from Limbo, Megan decided to face her fear of the mine back in her hometown. In Pixies and Demons, Megan freed her town from the demonic N’Garai, overcoming her phobia. With her incomplete soul, Pixie started to show a darker personality, feeling bitter towards Magik and her treatment. With the X-Men’s help, she was able to control her impulses and learned to use her connection to dark magic for good.

Over time, Pixie grew in confidence with her powers. She has the ability to produce ‘pixie dust’ which causes hallucinations. When she gained the Souldagger, Megan displayed supernatural insight, using her weapon to disrupting the powers of magical creatures and mutants like Empath.

Pixie also learned a teleportation spell, which allowed her to transport people over great distances. Her proficiency turned her into the X-Men’s premier teleporter, an impressive feat for someone who used to have a fear of flying.


Eventually, Pixie graduated to a full time member of the X-Men. This came down to her determination and desire to learn. I think her development is a great reflection of what a lot of university students experience. When she joined the Xavier School, Megan was unsure of herself, which is something I can relate to when I started university. In the first month, I considered leaving because I felt anxious about adjusting. In the end, I chose to stay and finished my Creative Writing course.

Pixie stayed in education as well, learning and growing until she became self-assured. Losing a part of her soul makes studying for an assignment seem small in comparison! Megan’s time as a student shows how education is beneficial for learning new life skills.

If you’re a university student and are thinking of giving up, I’d encourage you to stick it out. Think of Pixie’s journey and what she overcame on her quest to graduate. University can be an amazing experience when balanced with hard work and good times.

Author: thecomicvault

Short story writer, comic geek and cosplayer hailing from Manchester, England. Find my pop culture ramblings on The Comic Vault.

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