Comic Kitchen: Daredevil

The taste of food is a powerful source of emotion, providing happiness for anyone who eats a good meal. Comic Kitchen celebrates the joy of food through creating a three-course meal for a comic character. Taste plays an important role in the life of Daredevil, whose senses are all enhanced to superhuman levels. Being the defender of Hell’s Kitchen means Matt Murdock comes into regular contact with amazing dishes. After all, New York has some of the greatest food in the world.

In order to come up for a menu for The Man Without Fear, I’ve teamed up with the Manchester restaurant Eat New York. The Daredevil menu puts a strong emphasis on taste through hearty portions and American style goodness.frickles

Starter – Deep Fried Pickles With Russian Dressing

As Daredevil is blind, I’d see him enjoying food that’s rich in flavour. The Eat New York team came up with deep fried pickles for the starter. The pickles have a beautiful golden glazing that provides added texture. Daredevil would grasp the pickles and appreciate the impressions they would leave behind. His sense of touch would enhance the eating experience.

I’d imagine Matt taking his time to enjoy the crispiness of the pickles. The Russian dressing sauce is an added bonus, giving extra zest. The pleasant sensation would be amplified by the crunchiness of the batter and the softness of the pickles beneath.

turkey club

Main Course – Turkey Club

New York is known for its larger than life attitude and Hell’s Kitchen is one of the city’s most vibrant neighbourhoods. Matt would be used to eating meals that pack all kinds of flavours together. Eat New York’s Turkey Club contains turkey, swiss cheese, bacon, mustard mayo, lettuce, tomato and avocado. All of the ingredients are stacked together on three tier rye bread.

Daredevil’s superhuman sense of taste would be electrified by the different components. The meat would contrast nicely with the lightness of the vegetables. The mayo and avocado complete a sandwich that’s truly appetising.

The texture of the Turkey Club is something Matt would appreciate. Being able to hold such a large sandwich would give him the chance to feel the quality of the rye bread. Daredevil strikes me as someone who savours the little details, so being able to take his time is important.


Dessert – Tempura Battered Blueberry Pie With Ice Cream

After the heaviness of the Turkey Club, I’d picture Daredevil wanting something sweet to clear his palette. Eat New York’s version of a blueberry pie is a delicious choice. The blueberries provide a healthy tang, while the tempura batter adds crispiness. Tempura batter is considered to be lighter than other batters because it doesn’t absorb as much oil. This makes it a healthier option for deep-frying, ensuring a dish isn’t greasy.

Mixing the pie with ice cream is a great way to provide some extra notes of sweetness. The chill of the ice cream would contrast well with the warmth of the pie.

A big thank you to Jon Leathley and his team at Eat New York for making the food and providing the photography. Be sure to check out the restaurant menu and Instagram for more culinary delights!


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