Why Adam Cole (BAY BAY) Is The Future Of The WWE

The wrestling world is filled with performers who’ve dedicated themselves to being the best, especially on the independent circuit. The indie scene has produced many big names, including Daniel Bryan, Pete Dunne, and Johnny Gargano. But what does it take to be a main event superstar? Who has what it takes to be the next top guy? Who can carry the WWE for the next decade and beyond? Look no further than Adam Cole (BAY BAY).

A man that’s dedicated to his craft

Since debuting in NXT in 2017, Adam Cole has earned a reputation as one of the top heels in the company. As part of Undisputed Era, Cole has led the faction to huge success. All of this has to do with his ring experience.

Before arriving in WWE, Cole worked for promotions like EVOLVE, Ring of Honour and New Japan Pro-Wrestling. He honed his craft for years. This allowed Cole to develop his skills and his character, finding out how to connect with the fans.

All of the work built towards his debut at NXT Takeover: Brooklyn 3, where he superkicked Drew McIntyre and established himself as an immediate threat. Within weeks, he formed the Undisputed Era with Kyle O’Reilly and Bobby Fish. The team went on to win the first War Games match and were able to capture the NXT tag team titles. Cole also became the inaugural NXT North American Champion at NXT Takeover: New Orleans. All of this was accomplished within a year of Cole being with the WWE.

The complete package

The reason Cole has risen quickly in NXT is because of him having all the tools necessary to be a main event star. As the leader of the Undisputed Era, Cole is mouthy and arrogant, demonstrating his promo skills.

He has an established connection with fans, with massive pops coming every time he shouts ‘ADAM COLE BAY BAY!’ Despite being a heel, Cole has shown the potential to easily transition into a face based on the entrance reaction alone.

Cole’s in-ring ability is impressive as well. All you have to do is watch his recent match with Ricochet at NXT Takeover: Brooklyn 4 to see what I mean.

There’s a spot where he caught Ricochet with a superkick in mid-air. The amount of ring awareness it took to land the spot safely is incredible. Cole needed to make sure he hit Ricochet at the right moment, while Ricochet needed to be in the correct position. Both men tore the house down.

Taking it to the next level

When Cole is eventually called up to the main roster, there are a number of directions the creative team could take him in. There’s a lot of mileage with the Undisputed Era being on RAW or Smackdown, with the team running roughshod over every division. Cole could reap the rewards of being the leader of a dominant team and eventually break out on his own as a top heel.

Cole’s success as a singles star would depend on how he was booked, but his natural ability would allow him to thrive in whatever situation he was placed in. That can’t be said for every wrestler.

Many people have pegged Cole as the next Shawn Michaels, a great comparison in itself, yet there isn’t any rush to get to the top. Cole is in an amazing spot in NXT and I’d personally like to see him stay for a while longer.

Cole has all the tools to be the future of the business and I see him becoming a multiple world champion. No matter what happens, Cole has earned the right to be called one of the best wrestlers in the world, and that boys and girls, is undisputed.


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