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Comic Kitchen is a segment that creates a three-course menu for a comic character. When it comes to experiencing another culture, food is one of the best ways to be involved, and there are plenty of diverse superheroes in the world. Ms Marvel is a great example, as she comes from a Muslim background. It’s why I’m pleased to present a Ms Marvel menu that has been done in collaboration with Carrie from Witchy Kitchen. The menu brings together Kamala Khan’s Pakistani heritage with her American upbringing. As a result, there are unique dishes packed with flavour.

Starter – Tandoori Chicken, Carrot and Chickpea Samosas

Kamala was raised in a family that valued filling meals, which is why tandoori chicken samosas are great appetizers to start off the menu. Tandoori chicken is a classic option of Indian cuisine, enjoyed by people all over the world. The samosas are of a savoury quality, warm and wholesome. Traditionally, they’re made with flour that’s known as maida shell and then stuffed with a specific filling. The dish has plenty of versatility, as samosas can be paired with all kinds of dips, ranging from hummus to mint chutney.

I can imagine Kamala sitting down for a big meal with her family and the tandoori chicken samosas being passed around. It’s the kind of starter that can be shared, bringing people together through tasty food. Carrie put some extra attention into the samosas by adding the Ms Marvel lightning bolts.

Main Course – Vegetarian Shami Kebab Burger With Shiitake Bacon And  Pakora Fries

I wanted the main course to be a balance between Pakistani and American food so it represented the two sides of Ms Marvel. So, Carrie came up with the brilliant suggestion of a shami kebab burger with a side helping of pakora fries. Shami kebabs are usually paired with hot spices in order to create a memorable taste.

Pakora is another food source that taps into Ms Marvel’s Pakistani background. It can be made with different ingredients, including potato, spinach, chili pepper, tomato or paneer. Carrie used coriander seeds for her version. The pakora fries paired with the burger generate a traditional American image, bringing together the best of both worlds.

As a teenager, I’d see Ms Marvel chowing down on the burger and fries in one sitting! She strikes me as someone with a big appetite and there’s plenty to enjoy about this amazing dish.

Dessert – Jalebi

Again, Carrie showed her expertise with Pakistani food by suggesting this melt-in-the mouth dessert. Jalebi is a traditional Indian sweet treat that’s similar to a funnel cake. It’s made from batter that can be arranged into a circular shape, not unlike a pretzel. Jalebi can be topped with sugar or syrup for an extra bit of sweetness.

The dessert reminded me of Ms Marvel’s shapeshifting powers, as she’s been known to stretch her limbs in battle. Jalebi is flexible, stretchy and delectable. I can picture Kamala rushing through a family meal in order to eat the jalebi at the end.


Ms Marvel is an important cultural figure that represents a younger generation. She certainly means a lot to Carrie’s daughter, Zoeya, who dressed up as Kamala to enjoy the food her mum prepared. A big thank you to Carrie for cooking the food and coming up with some incredible ideas!

Carrie specialises in developing a variety of pop culture menus, so if you’d like to know how to cook the Ms Marvel menu check out her cooking guide on the meals above. 


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10 thoughts on “Comic Kitchen: Ms Marvel”

  1. Wow this is amazing!! Thanks for sharing; she’s so brilliant with the food she creates, and these look mouthwatering.


  2. Those tandoori chicken appetizers look really good. The burger and dessert looks just as good. You put some much effort into your posts. When I grow up I wanna blog like you. lol Thanks for sharing.


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