The Power Of A Million Exploding Suns: What Is Sentry Capable Of?

When learning about a superhero, their powers are one of their most interesting aspects. Sometimes, they aren’t clearly defined and that can lead to confusion or readers not being able to take the character seriously. The Sentry has suffered from this problem because a lot of writers have added their own take. Considered to be omniscient, Sentry has the power of ‘a million exploding suns.’ But what does that mean? What is Sentry truly capable of? The Comic Vault is taking a closer look into his abilities.

From darkness comes light

Robert Reynolds’ powers are derived from a version of the Super Soldier Serum that created Captain America. But the potency was supercharged, giving Reynolds god-like strength. The serum shifted his molecules to the point that Sentry is out of sync with reality, which is likely why his darker half, the Void exists.

When Sentry was first introduced, he had all the standard powers of a Superman character: superhuman strength, flight, speed, senses etc. Over time, Sentry’s powers were expanded on. During the Dark Avengers story arc, Sentry was revealed to have the power of molecular manipulation and reality warping. Reynolds discovered this ability when fighting Molecule Man. This ability has allowed Sentry to resurrect himself from complete destruction.

It’s possible that Sentry and Void’s other powers stem from molecular manipulation. As both personalities are essentially the same person, Reynolds has been able to shapeshift and alter the world around him. Reynolds doesn’t have full control of this ability, but he could potentially achieve any feat.

Sentry’s superhuman strength makes him one of the most powerful characters in the Marvel Universe. He’s been shown to be strong enough to kill Ares by ripping him in half, overload the absorbing abilities of The Absorbing Man and break the cosmic axe of Terrax the Tamer. As the Void, Reynolds has broken the Hulk’s bones with ease.

In addition, Sentry has shown to possess the power of resurrection and other passive abilities. When his wife was murdered by Ultron, Reynolds brought her back to life simply by touching her. Sentry has displayed the power of photokinesis, emitting a bright light that has been shown to calm Hulk down. Reynolds can also share his powers with others, as seen with a boy named Billy Turner. Reynolds infused the boy with his powers so Turner could become his sidekick, Scout. He also gave his powers to a dog named Normie, who became Watchdog.

From light comes darkness

Sentry’s psionic abilities are powerful as well. In the past, he’s been able to erase the memories of everyone on Earth so they would forget about him. The psychic powers are also tied to the Void, as the persona is a projection of Reynolds’ self-loathing and guilt.

The Void usually takes the form of a shadowy monsters that possesses vast shapeshifting and mental powers. The Void is known for using ‘Infini-tendrils,’ which cause traumatic visions to anyone that is impaled. Other demonstrations of Void’s powers include manipulating the weather and ripping apart Loki’s molecules.

Void has been separated from Sentry before. For example, Doctor Strange locked the creature away in the Sanctum Sanctorum. Inevitably, the two sides of Reynolds’ personality always come back together.

The Sentry’s powers are extremely diverse and what makes the character so interesting is how much he struggles to control them. The character returned recently in a new solo series written by Jeff Lemire. The series has the potential to create a fresh direction for Sentry, while making him more relatable.

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