What Makes Kid Devil A Reflection Of A Regular Comic Fan?

As a comic fan, I’ve wondered what it would be like to have superpowers more than once. I think that can be said for a lot of people, so it’s fitting that the desire for superpowers is reflected in certain characters. In many ways, Eddie Bloomberg is a representation of what it means to be a superhero fan, as he always dreamed of having powers of his own. Starting off as a regular person and sidekick to Blue Devil, Bloomberg took on the identity of Kid Devil in order to emulate his idol. Eventually, he gained superpowers and became a member of the Teen Titans. But Kid Devil’s powers came at a price.

Eddie grew up with an appreciation for film, working in his Aunt Maria’s film company. He became a fan of a hero called Blue Devil, dreaming of becoming his sidekick. Using his knowledge of electronics, Eddie made his own battlesuit, naming himself Kid Devil. Blue Devil made it clear he didn’t want a sidekick, but Kid Devil was determined to assist him. In the end, Blue Devil relented.

After his aunt died in a helicopter crash, Eddie decided to live up to her name and looked for ways to gain real superpowers. He was rejected from several teams, so Eddie reached out to his friend Zachary Zatara for help. The two of them were transported to the realm of the demon Neron, who granted Eddie’s wish on the condition that he could still trust Blue Devil by his 20th birthday. If not, he would become Neron’s slave. The demon also told him that Blue Devil was responsible for his aunt dying.

Armed with new powers, Eddie called himself Red Devil. He joined the Teen Titans and formed a bond with Deathstroke’s daughter Ravager. As Red Devil, he could breathe fire, teleport, glide and recover rapidly from injuries. Rather than being a supernatural creature, Eddie’s powers came from Neron activating his metagene.

Not long after getting his powers, Eddie’s relationship with Blue Devil became strained. On confronting his mentor, Blue Devil revealed that he accidently caused the death of Eddie’s aunt. Blue Devil had also made a deal with Neron that required him to destroy a unmanned power station. A stray power surge caused Maria’s helicopter to crash. Eddie angrily told Blue Devil to stay away from him, destroying their bond. Despite being resigned to his fate, Red Devil chose to make the most of his remaining years. He became friends with several of the Titans, growing into his role as a hero. A battle between the Titans and Brother Blood let to Eddie’s demonic powers being absorbed, making him human again.

Even though he was powerless, Eddie never stopped being a hero. He sacrificed himself to save a city from a radioactive man who was going to explode. This proved that he didn’t need to define himself by having powers.

Kid Devil is the embodiment of what many comic fans feel when they read about superheroes. It’s the thrill of seeing them take on overwhelming odds, of being a part of the action. But it’s also a dangerous business and that can lead to heartache. Kid Devil was worthy of being called a hero and his journey should resonate with anyone who has picked up a comic.


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