How Wrestling Has Helped To Improve My Mental Health

When it comes to improving mental health, people have their own coping methods. Some might choose to exercise, while others may like helping others with their issues. As someone who experiences anxiety, I’ve found wrestling to be a positive influence on my mental health. Not only has the WWE inspired me to pursue things I’m interested in, but it’s enabled me to build closer relationships.

I started watching wrestling from a young age and was in awe of the likes of people like The Undertaker, Triple H, John Cena, Chris Jericho and Edge. Here were larger than life characters who entertained millions of people all over the world. They told stories in the ring, putting their bodies on the line on a regular basis. As someone who liked writing, the storytelling aspect of wrestling appealed to me and I decided that either I was either going to end up as a wrestler or a writer.

Throughout my teens, anxiety and depression kicked in. As soon I turned sixteen, I joined Futureshock Wrestling in Manchester. I learned how to bump and take basic moves, but in the back of my mind I kept telling myself that I wasn’t good enough. That I didn’t have what it took to become a wrestler. After two years of training, I decided to stop wrestling because I accepted that I didn’t want it as much as I originally thought. But with that acceptance came an understanding that I didn’t have to give up my appreciation for the business.

Training to be a wrestler instilled a discipline that motivated me to get into the gym. It helped me to develop a steady routine that allowed me to feel more comfortable with my body. Watching the WWE exposed me to people who worked their asses off to achieve their dreams. I could apply that same kind of motivation to a writing career, knowing that although it wouldn’t be easy, I had the drive to make a real go of it.

Wrestling also helped me to bond with one of my oldest friends. The UK indie wrestling circuit has blown up in the last couple of years and we’ve been to several events. I even went to Wrestlemania 34 in New Orleans and it was one of the greatest spectacles of my life so far. Being around other wrestling fans is a positive experience because everyone is there to have a good time. Everyone is connected by an appreciation for storytelling. For someone who struggles to make small talk, I’ve found the shows to be a good outlet for making conversation.

Wrestling has improved my mental health by giving me something I’m happy to talk about. It’s helped to remind me of my strengths. It’s given me the inspiration to pursue my dream. I’ve accepted that anxiety is a part of my life and that I’ll stumble from time to time. But wrestling is a part of my life too, and I wouldn’t be where I am without it. With a couple of published short stories, poems and a Masters in Creative Writing, it’s safe to say I ended up as a writer.

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21 thoughts on “How Wrestling Has Helped To Improve My Mental Health”

  1. Sir Betrothed (my partner) was a wrestler for a short time. While things didn’t work out for them, they are still very passionate about it. I can see how it has really helped him with his bipolar on his low days, and with other aspects with his mental health. I started watching wrestling last year, and I’ve noticed how much it has helped me as well. It really inspires me to want to be my best and work my hardest at trying to achieve my goals. I especially love watching the short documentaries that they have about specific wrestlers and their journeys towards success.


  2. My son’s 8 with autism, unfortunately he’s to young to even start out doing anything. He has social anxiety along with being dyslexic and color blind. But this kid is one of those ones where he sees it and he can mimic moves just from visual.


    1. That must feel like a lot to deal with for you and your son. But it’s great that he can pick things up visually. Wrestling is all about visual movements so perhaps he’d be able to find comfort in watching it. Just make sure he doesn’t try the moves at home!


  3. I used Professional Wrestling to deal with my Cancer. When I went into treatment I would close my eyes and thing that I was wrestling the Masked Man. The deal was, we were both heels. If he could cheat, I can cheat more.


    1. That’s an inspiring way to use wrestling so I’m glad it provided you with comfort during that battle. As the late great Eddie Guerrero said “if you’re not cheating you’re not trying.”

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