Comic Kitchen: Hercules

Comic Kitchen is a series that focuses on the culinary habits of a character in the form of a three course menu. Some people love to eat and in the case of Greek gods, Hercules would have an appetite as mighty as his strength. Marvel’s Prince of Power is known for his boisterous approach to life, which includes an appreciation for food. I’ve come up with a Greek inspired menu that brings together simplicity and flavour, making it fit for a god.

Starter – Gigantes Plaki

Gigantes plaki combines giant beans with a host of vegetables for a filling meal. Traditionally made with dried giant white beans, the food is left to soak overnight and then drained. There’s a lot of versatility with this meal because of what can be added with it, such as tomatoes, garlic and carrots. The meal is often served at room temperature and comes as part of a meze.

This is an ideal starter for Hercules because it has a hearty amount of flavour and can be served in a large portion. Gigantes plaki can also be served as a main course, but I’d see Hercules having an entire tray to himself as an appetiser.

Main Course – Greek Pork Loin Ribs And Spicy Potatoes

Hercules is fond of his meat, which is why he’d go for a main course that was straightforward and packed with flavour. A suitable dish would be Greek pork loin ribs and spicy potatoes. Not only is the meal easy to cook, but there’s plenty of enjoyment to be found in the taste as well.

Hercules would make sure his ribs are large in order to satisfy his considerable hunger. He’d likely cook them over a traditional wooden fire or make use of a spit. The smokiness of the meat would be a stand out flavour, especially if it had been in contact with charcoal for an extended period.

The potatoes could be garnished in a number of ways, with Hercules making a traditional Greek sauce or using paprika to add the spice. Smokiness and spice are a winning combination.

Dessert – Galaktoboureko

Galaktoboureko is a kind of Greek custard pie that’s bursting with sweetness. Melted butter is spread across layers of golden phyllo for a glorious dessert. Extra taste can be added by glazing the pie with syrup or honey. By the time you’ve reached the custard your tastebuds are tantalised.

Hercules would appreciate Galaktoboureko as a reminder of his homeland and because it would cap off the strong sensations from the previous two meals. He wouldn’t be able to resist having a giant slice!

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