A Call For Guest Blogs About Comics And Mental Health

Recently, there’s been a lot of talk in the news about mental health and how being open with your feelings can make a difference. From personal experience, sharing how I’ve felt with people about my anxiety has helped because it’s made me feel less worried about it, knowing that others are understanding of it. Comics are also a great source of inspiration, which is why I’m opening up submissions for guest posts around comics and mental health.

I’m eager to share other people’s experiences about how comics have helped with their mental health on The Comic Vault. This might come from reading a particular graphic novel, watching a movie or cosplaying. Below are a list of guest blog topics that I’m interested in promoting:

  • Cosplaying experiences – Have you cosplayed as your favourite character and how has that made you feel?
  • Your review on a comic or graphic novel that has helped improve your mental health
  • An opinion piece on a comic character and how you see your experiences reflected in them
  • A parent’s perspective – Have you given your children a comic? Has it helped with their mental health?
  • Comics as therapeutic tools – Do you think they are helpful? 

Those are just a couple of ideas to help provide some inspiration.

I’m especially interested in hearing from male comics fans who’d like to share their mental health experiences. If you don’t want to write about your own experiences then I’m also interested in hearing about the journey of a friend or family member.

In exchange for a guest blog, I’ll link back to your website and we’ll be able to strengthen the conversation on mental health. If you’re interested in guest blogging about mental health on The Comic Vault then send a query email about what you’d like to write about. We can discuss word count, direction, etc.

You can get in touch by emailing ryderj09@hotmail.co.uk

If comics have ever helped to make you feel more confidence or at ease then I want to hear from you!


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2 thoughts on “A Call For Guest Blogs About Comics And Mental Health”

  1. As a parent of a child who is a little different from the rest of the kids at school, comics have been so important for his mental health. Plus it’s introduced him to a supportive network that is the world of the geek…..he turned to me at the last screening we went to and said he’d finally found his people. Comics also got him back into reading….


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