Dole’s Powering The Hero Within Campaign Combines Avengers And Healthy Food Together

Two of the most enjoyable things in life for me are comics and food, so when I see anything that combines both, my interest is going to be piqued. This was the case with food organisation Dole, who recently unveiled their Powering The Hero Within campaign to tie into the release of Avengers: Infinity War. The company have earned a reputation for promoting healthy eating and the new campaign follows in a similar mentality. The Comic Vault is taking a closer look into the campaign to see what makes it stand out.

Powering The Hero Within involves specific recipes created around superheroes that are appearing in Infinity War. The characters to be featured are Black Widow, Black Panther, Thor, Iron Man, Captain America and The Hulk. As soon as you come onto the page, you’re greeted with colourful graphics that are done in traditional comic format. The content is eye-catching as well because it features references to the individual superheroes and it\s written in a positive style that fits the brand.

After clicking on a character bio, you’re taken to another page that features recipes. Black Panther’s cookbook is filled with tropical meals like the Monarch Multigrain Banana Bread and Wakanda Wrap. The wrap has avocado, turkey breast and salad within it and the instructions are laid out in simple manner. Each dish also includes the amount of calories. This is bound to appeal to people who are on a diet.

I enjoyed discovering the creativity of each meal and how they are tailored to each superhero. Thor’s cuisine has some of the most creative names: Mjolnir Roll-Ups, Sunrise-Over-Asgard Smoothie, Mighty Mini-BLT Bites and Super Strength Snack Pockets. The Iron Man recipes are also intriguing, especially the Jarvis Sunflower Crunch Pockets.

Superheroes are an effective image to combine with healthy eating. They are ideal role models who can inspire people to better themselves. Dole have been able to tap into the comic phenomenon in a fun and original way. The fact that the campaign is based around a good cause makes it noteworthy as well.

It could be argued that healthy eating lifestyles like veganism have become a fad in the last couple of years. But campaigns like Powering The Hero Within show a genuine desire for promoting good food and Dole are to be commended.

Like food and superheroes? Be sure to check out Comic Kitchen for full course meal suggestions based on your favourite characters!


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