1000 Followers And A Look At 5 Comic Writers Who Are Worth Reading

Since I started blogging in 2017, it’s provided a great source of inspiration for my writing. I’ve been able to pursue my passion for comics, while also improving my skills in other areas, such as journalism by interviewing various people. I’ve also been able to gain a readership that continually blows me away by returning to The Comic Vault and checking out what I have to say. I’m happy to say I’ve reached another milestone of 1000 followers and it’s reminded me how much effort other writers put in to become successful. I wanted to include a brief list of some of my favourite writers in comics and why you should look into them.

Judd Winick

I’ve admired Judd Winick’s writing for years, partially because I was introduced to my favourite character Red Hood through his work. Winick is known for his mature storytelling, as shown through arcs like Under The Red Hood. He also has a wonderful grasp of the characters that he writes, putting them in emotional situations that connect with readers. He’s brought awareness to a number of issues, such as HIV through the character of Mia Dearden.

You should look into Winick’s work because he’s the kind of writer who’ll not only entertain you, but will also make you think about the state of the world.

Saladin Ahmed

Ahmed is a recent discovery, as he came to my attention when I picked up the graphic novel of his run on Black Bolt. I was impressed with his creativity because he was able to take a silent character and make him intriguing. This extended to The Absorbing Man as well, a C-list villain who’s been treated as a joke in the past. Ahmed’s attention to detail has brought new life to characters that some readers might not have been interested in before.

Ahmed demonstrated his creativity again with his Abbott series about a black reporter in 1970s Detroit. Originality is essential for a writer and you’re guaranteed to get that when you read Ahmed’s stories.

Marjorie Liu

Marjorie Liu is another writer who can take obscure characters and make them interesting. She did this with Daken, the son of Wolverine, which turned him into one of my favourite characters. Liu’s ability to connect with her audience is impressive because of the effort she puts into every page.

Eric Powell

Powell is another recent discovery, as I only came across him when I read his Hillbilly series that involves a supernatural wanderer who fights monsters in the Appalachian wilderness. I was drawn to the simple themes that were echoed through the protagonist Rondel. You don’t have to be clever or overly elaborate to write a story with meaning. Sometimes, all you need is a simple idea and relatable characters.

John Layman

Many writers struggle to find an idea that works, but once they’ve found it, they’re set. This is the case with John Layman, who created the popular Chew series about an FDA agent that fights crime with unique food powers. Layman’s originality helped him win various awards, with Chew becoming one of the most influential independent comic series of all time. It’s a powerful reminder that you shouldn’t give up writing no matter how hard it might seem at times.

These are just some of my favourite comic writers. Once again, I’d like to thank everyone who continues to follow me and hope that you’ll come back for more content in future.


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