The Dealer Combines Food Discounts And Charitable Donations For A Wonderful App

We live in a world where convenience exists at our fingertips, due to the amount of phone apps that carry out various functions. The best kind of apps combine practicality with a worthy cause, and one of the best apps I’ve come across is called The Dealer. The UK based app provides recreational discounts at a variety of restaurants and cafes in different cities. The money saving idea is paired with a charitable approach, as you can donate a portion of what you save to helping the homeless.

The brainchild of Ed Alun-Jones and Henry Hayes, The Dealer is easy to use and beneficial when you’re looking for a food or drink deal. To describe the process, I’ll use my own experience of the app in Manchester. After signing up, I was given access to different discounts in restaurants across the city. You’re able to see detailed information on each venue, including the address, menu and the specific offer. For example, one of my favourite cafes is the Foundation Coffee House and one of the deals is 50% off on coffee.

To get the deal, I’d click on the offer and select the number of people who’re using it. The app offers a choice of up to six people. Once the number of people has been chosen, you’re given access to a bar code. All you have to do then is show the code to a member of staff in the venue and they’ll enter a specific pin that will allow you to use the discount. Not only are you able to save money by using The Dealer, you then have the option to donate a part of what you saved to helping the homeless. Homelessness is a major problem in many cities across the UK, so being able to give something back is a worthwhile experience.

It’s important to note that selecting a discount doesn’t automatically mean you’ll get it. You can reserve a spot and the app makes it clear how many offers are left. Donating to charity is entirely optional, so you can still make the most of a discount.

The Dealer is available in Manchester, Oxford, Liverpool and Swansea, though more restaurants are signing up to it on a regular basis. I’d highly recommend downloading the app if you’re in any of these cities or plan to visit. Food venues can also benefit from being a part of The Dealer as well. For people in Manchester, I’m going to list some of the places where you can use The Dealer.

Foundation Coffee House – Typically deals range from 20% – 50% off coffee and 30% off food

Northern Soul – Offers 25% off grilled cheese sandwiches from 2PM in the afternoon

Rustica – Offers various discounts on sandwiches. Good offer is free BTL sandwich and £1 coffee

Bundobust – Vegetarian restaurant that offers 25% off food and 25% off beers

Ply – Pizza place that offers 50% off on food

V-Rev – Vegan fast food restaurant that offers 25% off food from 11AM to 6PM

The Dealer is one of the most useful food apps in the UK right now. It’s free to download and to sign up, so for more information, be sure to check out the official website.


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