Mostly Curious Games Steampunk Iron Man Statue Review

In pop culture, there are all kinds of phenomenons and movements, with steampunk being one that’s really taken off over the last few years. Victorian aesthetics are mixed with modern technology to create quirky designs. Steampunk has inspired a multitude of subgenres, so any time I come across steampunk inspired creations, I’m interested in getting involved. This was the case with a steampunk Iron Man statue that I came across at Birmingham Comic Con. Designed by specialist artist, Mostly Curious Games, here is a review of the statue.

iron man 2

The reason I was drawn to the statue in the first place was because of how well made it seemed. After looking over it properly, I found the design to be intriguing. Iron Man is rendered in great detail, with a lot of intricate lines and gears painted onto the armour. The power core at the centre of the chest is striking, to the point that it looks as if it’s glowing from a distance. Other small details to be appreciated are the facial expressions on the helmet. The statue has a brass colour scheme that fits with the steampunk genre. It gives the armour an old-fashioned appearance that makes it seem as it’s from another time period.

In terms of stability, the statue is sturdy and holds up well. It’s made out of plastic and feels light when you pick it up. Another detail I liked was the fact that one arm can be moved up and down. The open palm reveals a circle that’s meant to represent the repulsor technology of the armour.

iron man 3

I bought the Iron Man statue for a cool £50 and the designer was very informative about his creations. Mostly Curious Gaming is a Birmingham based designer who specialises in metal and plastic models. He has a great range of steampunk, western and Star Wars inspired figures that are sure to appeal to pop culture geeks.

Mostly Curious Games takes commissions, so you should check out his website and Instagram to see the sculptures for yourself.

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