How Running A Regular Content Report Can Turn Your Business Into An Industry Leader

To put together an effective digital marketing strategy, content is one of the most important factors for ensuring success, and that’s where copywriters come in. But coming up with ideas on a daily basis is hard, and if you’re like me, it feels like banging your head against a wall when you’re trying to come up with something to write, yet nothing remotely interesting is coming to you. When that starts happening, I find it’s helpful to put together a content report.

A content report contains the latest news and information on a specific sector. The report could be based around research for a client, or it could simply be a bank of ideas to be used in future. A content report is a useful tool for copywriters, businesses and agencies, but where do you look for the right information and how is it beneficial?

What are the benefits of a content report?

As a content report features up to date information, you’ll be able to know what’s going on the industry that you’re researching. For example, if I want to create a report around the digital marketing world, I’ll look at industry websites like The Drum to see if there are any interesting campaigns. Not only does this give me an indication of what’s popular in digital marketing, it gives me a potential idea to write about.

Businesses can benefit from content reports because they’ll be able to see what’s working for their competitors. By reading stories that competitors are involved with, a brand could take that into consideration for a new campaign to see how they can be different.

Another advantage is the potential to build connections based on the information that’s been found. A clothing brand might come across an article called ‘The Top 10 Fashion Bloggers In Manchester’ and they’d be able to reach out and contact the influencers for a collaboration. An added benefit is being able to gather consumer data and store it for a future campaign.

Putting together a report

To go back to my example of a digital marketing content report, I’ll start by looking into websites that I know have useful information:

The Drum

The Drum is a good resource for finding out about general digital marketing news. It features a lot of agency stories and an opinion column that agencies can submit stories for.

E Consultancy

The E Consultancy blog is a great source of creativity because it features a range of different stories. The writing style is conversational, engaging and informative.

Social Media Today

Social Media Today comes in handy for the latest social media news. It regularly features updates about Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and how the changes could affect the industry. A lot of detailed infographics are also featured, which are good for graphic designers.

Marketing Week

Marketing Week features a diverse amount of digital marketing news, ranging from new campaigns, to interviews with industry leaders. A section I find useful is the ‘5 killer stats to start your week’ segment because it includes accurate stats.


I find Entrepreneur is good for the range of opinion pieces and conversational writing tone. There are a lot of business related articles that could be useful for startups.

After I’ve found relevant stories, I’ll split them into different sections of the digital marketing world, such as PPC, infographics, content and social media. I’ll include a link to the article, explain what it’s about and give my suggestions on how I think it can be beneficial.

There’s no right or wrong way to put together a content report. I find it’s a good way to shake off writer’s block and gather helpful information. A content report provides key insight that can be turned into a winning idea, and that is the essence of successful digital marketing.

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