900 Followers And A Shout Out For Mental Health Advocates

Ever since I started The Comic Vault, I’ve been consistently blown away by the amount of people who’ve come back to read my articles and given me a reason to indulge my inner geek. Each time I’ve reached a new milestone it’s been something that’s kept me motivate and I’m happy to say I’ve hit another goal of 900 followers. For people who’ve been reading the website for a while you’ll have noticed I like to connect comics and mental health together. As it feels like I’m running out of ways to say thank you, I figured I’d take the opportunity to shine a light on bloggers who promote mental health.

Off Your Chest

I came across this blog recently, but I was immediately drawn to it because of the range of mental health topics. Off Your Chest is dedicated to providing a safe space for mental health discussion, covering depression, anxiety, eating disorders and everything else in between. I enjoyed reading it so much that it inspired me to submit a poem called Halcyon Days, which will be published on the website soon.

Off Your Chest encourages people who struggle with their mental health to submit their stories, essays, short stories and poetry. I’d recommend giving the site a look over because of the positivity it offers.

Road To A Healthier Life

Food and mental health are topics that fascinate me, which is why I was pleased to come across Road To A Healthier Life. The website focuses on promoting how food can make people happier, but also contribute to eating disorders. The balanced opinions are refreshing, acting as both a motivator and reminder that food can be enjoyed in moderation.

Road To A Healthier Life features advice, recipes and positive stories that will keep you focused on getting the kind of body that you’re happy with.

Gamers United GG

I’ve been following this website for a while now and I’ve enjoyed the amount of video game content that’s available. It has a personal touch that promotes the mental health benefits of gaming and how it can bring people together. It also doesn’t hurt to see wrestling mentioned, which is another way to bond over a niche subject.

100 Words Anime

Although I’m not a huge anime fan, I can appreciate this blog for the fact that it combines anime and positive thinking together. The writer is very friendly and always takes the time to comment on posts and congratulate people within the community. It’s those kind of positive affirmations that can uplift someone if they’re having a bad day.


Michel has been following The Comic Vault since the beginning and his positive feedback is always great to see. He’s been very open with his own mental health struggles, which is refreshing. But the fact that he can still take time out of his day to read other people’s posts and make them feel better about their own lives is the mark of a wonderful human being.

There are so many other great mental health related blogs out there. The more it’s talked about, the more it will inspire people to share their own stories and hopefully help them find a measure of peace. Thank you again for everyone who has followed The Comic Vault so far and look out for more nerdy content coming in the future.


Author: thecomicvault

A place for superheroes, positive mental health and pop culture references. Unlock your inner geek and step inside.

4 thoughts on “900 Followers And A Shout Out For Mental Health Advocates”

  1. Thanks so much for sharing these blogs. I am someone who struggles terribly with Depression and Anxiety. After checking them out, I feel these resources will be very helpful. Also, I agree! Karandi is so kind, as is Michel. 😀 I’m sorry that I don’t comment often, but I really love your content. Thanks so much for your awesome blog.


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