The Comic Vault Wins A Second Real Neat Blogger Award

Writing about comics has helped me to express a passion of mine and share it with others. Being recognised for my words is always appreciated, which is why I was thrilled to be nominated for a second Real Neat Blogger Award by Soulcial Dreamin’ Entertainment. The team work very hard to produce some awesome pop culture content, so thanks for the nomination and be sure to check out their website as well.




  • Display the award logo
  • Thank the blogger who nominated you post a link to their blog
  • Answer the questions of the one who nominated you
  • Nominate 5-10 bloggers
  • Ask them 7 questions


What is your favourite thing about being part of the nerd community?

There’s a lot I enjoy about the nerd community so I can’t just focus on one single thing. But something that’s stuck with me is sharing in the passion that many people feel about certain characters and being able to debate about iconic stories. As an awkward as fuck kind of person, I find geeking out and talking about my favourite comics with like-minded people to be the ideal way to make new friends and overcome social anxiety.

Name a movie you’re looking forward to and why?

Without a doubt it’s Avengers: Infinity War. This is what the Marvel Cinematic Universe has been building to for ten years and the amount of investment in the characters is at a breaking point. Shit is going to get real.

The Armoured Titan from Attack on Titan have challenged you a tug-of-war contest. You can pick five helpers but they must fit the following criteria: They cannot be from Attack on Titan, and each must be from a different show (they don’t have to be anime characters). Who do you choose?

I don’t really know all that much about Attack on Titan, though my five picks would be Batman, Vegeta, Thor, Goliath from Gargoyles and Geralt of Rivia.

The zombie apocalypse has come. What is your weapon of choice?

Has to be a katana because of my love of Japanese history and because it’d cut through a zombie like butter.

If you could meet any living person for a chat over a shared dinner, who would you pick and why?

If I could meet any living person it would be former WWE wrestler, Edge because of how much I admired him when I was growing up. I’ve enjoyed watching wrestling for years and Edge was the guy who stood out to me as really talented at what he did. He was part of the reason why I wanted to be a wrestler for a couple of years and it led me to train in the ring.

Pick something out of your pocket or bag and share with the contents with us.

Earlier today I wrote a review of STARVE: Volume 1 in a café so that’s the most interesting thing in my bag.

If one day you woke up as a superhero. What would your name be and why?

It would be ‘Halcyon’ because of what I associate with the word and how it relates to inner peace. The word is also associated with kingfishers and the phenomenon of Halcyon days. This is a period of seven days during winter where there aren’t any storms to mark a time of peace.

Nominee questions

  1. What are some of your goals for 2018?
  2. If you could have any tattoo what would it be?
  3. Who are some fictional characters that you connect with?
  4. What is a book that you’ve read recently that has stood out to you and why?
  5. What is the weirdest kind of food you’ve ever eaten?
  6. If you could only eat one kind of food for the rest of your life, what would it be and why?
  7. Name one activity that you’ve never tried but you’d like to try in the future.



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