Comic Kitchen: Batman

I wanted to combine my appreciation for food and comics together by introducing a new segment on The Comic Vault called Comic Kitchen. It features a three course meal plan for a comic character made up of a starter, main and dessert. For every meal I’ll explain why it reminds me of the character and why I think they would eat it. I’ll be including meals I’ve eaten, or recipes I’ve come across on the internet. The first character to be featured in Comic Kitchen is Batman, who’s likely eaten some of the finest dishes in the world. Batman’s complexity calls for a menu that has powerful flavours.

Starter – Oxtail Soup

When it comes to fighting crime, Batman has a blunt approach that makes me think he’d have a starter with a taste that hits you as soon as you try it. Oxtail soup fits the bill because of its meaty consistency. The beef in the soup has the kind of frankness that I’d associate with Batman because you know what you’re going to get. It’s a straightforward kind of starter that doesn’t feel overly heavy. There’s also a warmth to it that represents the part of Bruce Wayne that he reserves for his loved ones.

The simplicity of Oxtail soup would appeal to Batman and it’d be something he could finish quickly in between strategising in the Bat Cave and going out to fight crime.

Main Course – Pan Seared Filet Mignon With Red Wine Mushroom Sauce and Blue Cheese

I’d picture Batman eating a hearty, protein rich main course that features steak. It would be a large meal, but also have a touch of class to appeal to Bruce’s upper class sensibilities. Filet mignon provides a sense of presentation that would look at home on an ornate table in Wayne Manor. There’s also a preciseness to the way the meat is cut that fits with the Dark Knight’s analytical skills.

The red wine sauce would create some extra tang and stop the dish from being too meaty. Mushrooms provide some room for creativity, especially the garlic variety. The blue cheese sprinkled on top is a small detail that adds to the overall charm of the food. You have a meal that walks a good line between style and simplicity. And let’s be honest, Alfred would be the one who ended up cooking anyway, so Batman’s faithful butler would definitely add his own take to the food.

Dessert – Dark Chocolate Salted Caramel Oreo Pie

Batman’s multifaceted personality made me think of a dessert with a variety of flavours. Dark chocolate is suitable for Batman because of his desire to stick to the shadows. A milk chocolate dessert might also be appropriate to represent Batman’s universal appeal, but it comes off as too common in my opinion. Dark chocolate is more niche and dynamic.

The oreos form the centre of the pie for a sweet flavour. This offsets the powerful taste of the dark chocolate, while the salted caramel is the perfect topping. The result is a scrumptious three-layered dessert that symbolises Batman’s key traits: darkness, compassion and righteousness. With the contrasting tastes, you have a dessert that has a good amount of decadence and tradition.

Can you think of any meals that Batman would eat? If you’d like to see future editions of Comic Kitchen then be sure to comment below. I always appreciate feedback and it means I can find out what kind of content people are interested in reading about.

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