Talk Is Jericho Podcast Covers The War Between Marvel And DC

In recent years, podcasts have become a popular form of entertainment. They’re convenient and easy to listen to at any time of the day. One of my favourite podcasts to listen to is Talk Is Jericho, hosted by WWE wrestler Chris Jericho. What makes Y2J’s podcast so entertaining is the range of guests that he has on the show. One of the most interesting I’ve heard recently is the Marvel vs DC Megawar edition with special guest Reed Tucker. Tucker wrote a book called Slugfest: Inside The Epic, 50 Year-Battle Between Marvel and DC about the rivalry that exists between the two biggest comic publishers in the business and the stories are hilarious.

Jericho started the podcast off by introducing Tucker and summing up how big Marvel and DC are. Tucker talks about how DC started off as the big company in the 1940s, with huge characters like Superman and Batman. Marvel took a while to get going and it was looked down on by DC as a crappy company with one employee called Stan Lee. It wasn’t until the 1960s that Lee teamed up with Jack Kirby to create characters like Spider-Man and The Fantastic Four and Marvel began to outpace DC.

Tucker went into detail about how this kicked off a publishing war between the companies. For example, DC sent spies into the Marvel office to try and leak stories. This came to a head when DC convinced Jack Kirby to work for them and they hyped him up to be the greatest thing in the business. When he arrived at DC, they stuck him on a comic about Superman’s best friend, Jimmy Olsen.

Y2J revealed that the Jericho name was partially inspired by the DC character of the same name, though he thinks he’s one of the lamest superheroes ever. (I have to disagree, Chris. When you have Deathstroke for a dad, you get points for coming from a badass family). Jericho made a great parallel between the Monday Night Wars between WWE and WCW and how it was similar to Marvel and DC. The companies wanted to outdo each other by any means necessary, which led to some petty and hilarious situations.

This led to Tucker describing how people like Chris Claremont and Jim Lee were able to earn millions during the 1990s because of how popular comics were. That sounded like a golden era for comics, which has made me interested in researching the period.

Then, Tucker mentioned how the war between Marvel and DC has moved into films and TV. It’s felt like a natural transition, with Marvel dominating the industry. But, it’s interesting to think about how DC’s ownership of big names like Batman, Superman and Wonder Woman can keep them afloat no matter how much money they lose. I’d have liked to hear some discussion on animated films because that’s where DC has always shined.

Listening to the podcast helped me expand my own comic knowledge and it was awesome hearing two guys who are geeks at heart. Jericho’s interviewing style is meticulous and respectful, giving his guests a chance to speak their mind. Even if you’re not a fan of wrestling you should definitely check out Talk Is Jericho for the variety of subject matter. You’re guaranteed to learn something new and you can listen to the podcast by clicking here.

Chris Jericho is a hell of an entertainer and one of the greatest wrestlers of all time. He’s also a talented musician, as seen from Fozzy’s number one track, Judas.

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