Who Would The Avengers Be In The World Of Digital Marketing?

2018 is looking to be a busy year for digital marketing, with brands searching for new ways to reach their customers and drive engagement. 2018 is also set to be a great year for superheroes and a film I’m looking forward to seeing is Avengers: Infinity War. Before I let my inner fanboy take over, I’m sure you’re wondering how The Avengers franchise and digital marketing have anything in common.

It all stems from building something from the ground up, which is how the Marvel Cinematic Universe has operated since it began with Iron Man in 2008. That’s ten years in the making. Comic fans have stuck with characters like Iron Man, Captain America and Thor to see them develop and reach the point where they can finally take on the big bad, Thanos, in Infinity War.

Digital marketing works in a similar way because it’s never static. Brands use digital marketing to move forward and develop their business strategies, and like a team of superheroes, digital marketing is made up of different roles. Each aspect strengthens the overall strategy. Every member of The Avengers brings something unique to the team and their strengths can be applied to the different avenues of digital marketing. I’m focusing on the six original members from The Avengers franchise to see what they represent.

Avengers Assemble


Captain America – Content

Captain America is seen as the leader of The Avengers and the team’s moral compass. In many ways, Steve Rogers is the heart of the team, which makes him an ideal representation for content. Content makes up the heart of digital marketing in that it’s what people use to understand and navigate websites. Without words, there would be no way to make sense of a service or product. Words are powerful and Captain America is a skilled diplomat. Content helps to get your point across and can be as symbolic as Rogers’ shield.

iron man

Iron Man – PPC

When you don’t have a superpower, money and intelligence can make a difference in the war against crime. Iron Man doesn’t lack for either. Tony Stark built his own high-tech suit, creating something out of nothing, which is why he’s the personification of pay-per-click marketing. PPC is money-orientated and comes with a number of advantages that can help your business thrive. You can set a budget to control costs, reach your target consumer at the right time with the right ad and use it to find accurate data quickly.


Thor – Link Building

With Mjolnir at his side, Thor is one of the most powerful superheroes in the Marvel Universe. But he’s not defined by his hammer and you shouldn’t define your brand by a singular message. The God of Thunder is a bridge between Earth and Asgard, a link between two worlds. Link building is an essential part of digital marketing, as it will help your website build high-quality backlinks and boost domain and page authority.

black widow

Black Widow – Web Development

Black Widow’s versatile skill set makes her an accomplished spy and field operative. Adaptability is her strength and it ties into website development because your business needs to stay up to date with what your customer wants. This means having a clean, easy to navigate website that gets the consumer to where they need to be. Working with the right agency ensures you’ll get a website that provides longevity.


The Hulk – SEO and Conversion

In the digital marketing world, SEO is a powerful force, and The Hulk is the embodiment of strength. SEO marketing can help identify key words that consumers are searching for and you’ll be able to tailor your content strategy around it. Key words are usually short, which sums up The Hulk’s vocabulary.

The other part of SEO is conversion and that seems appropriate for a character who has two personalities. Bruce Banner is one of the smartest people alive and when he becomes The Hulk, he converts into a new being. SEO helps drive conversion and the two are joined together.


Hawkeye – Graphic Design

As the marksman of The Avengers, Clint Barton needs to have a keen eye for detail, which links in to graphic design. A website needs to be visually appealing to attract customers, while a logo should have colours that promote the right kind of message. Creating infographics is useful as well. All these tasks are in the wheelhouse of a graphic designer, so be sure to collaborate with them as often as you can.

Avengers: Infinity War is the result of years of character development that has inspired loyalty within fans. As a team, The Avengers demonstrate how every person has an important role to play, just as everyone within a digital marketing agency can help your brand reach the next level.

(This post was originally written for Run2.co.uk)


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