Cosplayer Interview: Likeassassin

Cosplaying is a wonderful method of expression and The Comic Vault specialises in promoting the benefits of cosplay and mental health. The latest interview features Likeassassin, a Witcher fan and cosplayer from Russia. Her dedication to portraying Triss Merigold is impressive and she talked to The Comic Vault about how cosplaying made her more confident and improved her sewing.

What inspired you to cosplay to begin with?

I remember this like it was just some days ago: we were sitting in Japanese’s food café and I saw news about a cosplay convention. It was interesting because I was a teenager and this was a chance for me to improve my self-esteem. I thought that if I could be someone else, I’ll be more self-confident. I took a break from cosplay when I entered my university, and then I identified that I couldn’t live without sewing, doing hairstyles, making crafts and other things connected to cosplay.


Your Triss Merigold cosplay really is amazing. What does the character mean to you and why did you decide to cosplay her?

I notice red haired characters everywhere! After playing the game I fell in love with her because of her appearance and behaviour. I know all the story with Geralt, but don’t consider that she isn’t right. And of course her alternative look seemed to me to be a new step to challenge my sewing abilities.

As a big Witcher fan myself, what do you think it is about the characters that make the series so popular?

I suppose that the game has brought popularity to the saga written by Andrzej Sapkowski. I’m sure that most of fans firstly played the game and then read the book. Perfect gameplay, very interesting story and colorful design played their roles in becoming the best game of the year. For cosplayers it’s a chance to spend a lot of money making costumes and improve their talents, because every character of this game has difficult costumes with armour parts, or embroidery, or even painting on fabric.


Besides Triss, who are some of your favourite fictional characters?

I cant say exactly because there is no character who I liked for a long time. Now it’s just Triss.

What’s the cosplay scene like in Russia?

I admire Russian cosplay because all people spend a lot of time doing all details accurately. And of course our cosplay can’t exist without criticism. I don’t think that it’s bad because I learned I lot of things before showing my work to a wide range of people. Like others countries we have different anime and game conventions nearly in all cities of the country.  It’s more popular to organize game conventions than anime.

Do you create your own cosplay costumes and if so, how long does it take to make them?

All of my costumes are made by myself: every detail, every stitch. I made Triss’ alternative dress twice and the last one took me about 4-5 months.

Do you have a particular photographer you work with for cosplay photoshoots?

No I don’t have, because every photographer is the best in different things. For example, the last one was Milligan and she is the best in photoshoots of The Witcher’s characters. As for others I choose the one whose works I like or think that it’s better for the style of my character.

Do you feel cosplay has positive benefits for mental health?

I think that every hobby or pastime which you like to do is awesome. I have no other things which I like to do instead of cosplay ( just reading) and it can absolutely became the meaning of my life, which give me enthusiasm to reach all goals.

I’ve noticed you use Patreon to advertise your cosplay work. Have you ever made any money from doing it and are there other ways to make money cosplaying?

Yes, now I have people who support me for my talents and give me a chance to do more costumes. I don’t know other good way to make money cosplaying (maybe working in marketing, but I don’t know exactly)

What’s your best advice to someone who is thinking of cosplaying for the first time?

I advise people to pay attention to every little detail in the suit. Don’t be afraid to ask advice from others if you doubt anything. Devote all your love to cosplay and have a good time doing it!

Who are you planning to cosplay next?

I’m planning to remake my old assassin cosplay and the next one is Sylvanas Windrunner.


Christina, AKA Likeassassin is an enthusiastic cosplayer from Russia and specialises in cosplaying Triss Merigold. You can check out her awesome pictures on her Instagram and Deviant Art page.

If you’re a cosplayer and would like to be interviewed by The Comic Vault, then feel free to get in touch via the contact form or email


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