700 Followers And The Pursuit Of A New Passion

It’s become customary for me to chart milestones on The Comic Vault and I’m happy to say I’ve reached another one with 700 followers! It came around a lot quicker than I expected, but all I can say is that I’m grateful for everyone who continues to read, like and comment on my articles. If anyone finds comfort in my words, or is able to learn something new about the comic industry then I’d say that I’m doing my job. To mark this new milestone, it’s inspired me to pursue another one of my passions with a seperate blog.

Along with a passion for comics I have an appreciation for history and other cultures. I enjoy combining my love of history with comics, but I’ve found myself wanting to write a lot of historical articles lately. I’ve created a new website called The Culture Tome, which focuses on historical periods I’m interested in. They include Vikings, Celtic history, Ancient Rome and Japanese history. An article I really enjoyed writing was about Japanese folklore and how the kitsune fits in.

Along with history articles, I’ll be reviewing history books and historical fiction novels. For example, I’ve written a review on Marcus Aurelius’ Meditations, which may have been the original self-help book. In addition to reviews, I’ll be developing regular segments and one of them is Historical Heroes. This segment focuses on famous figures and examines their life.

I’ll still be writing regularly on The Comic Vault, but you can expect a few articles a month on The Culture Tome. It’s a good way for me to pursue a different interest and take a breather when I need to. If you’d be kind enough to check out the website and follow me over there as well then that would be appreciated!

Thanks again to everyone who’s read The Comic Vault so far and continues to come back. You guys motivate me to keep doing what I’m doing. Also, if you have any suggestions for historical content you’d like to see on The Culture Tome then let me know. It helps me learn and become a more experienced writer.


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