6 Reasons Why Stephanie Brown Should Reclaim The Batgirl Mantle

A superhero identity can be passed down to different people and a good example of that is Batgirl. Originally, Barbara Gordon wore the costume until she passed it on to Cassandra Cain. Cain’s successor became Stephanie Brown and she was the most recent Batgirl until the DC Universe reboot. These days, Barbara is Batgirl, but I believe Stephanie Brown should be allowed to reclaim the mantle and here are six reasons why.

She isn’t defined by the identity

As the original Batgirl, Babs will always be remembered for that role, even though she outgrew it a long time ago. Having Stephanie as Batgirl makes more sense because she’s previously operated under her own identity as The Spoiler. She’s been able to establish herself away from the costume and develop her own backstory.


There’s been major character development

When Stephanie became Batgirl, she grew into the role and matured as a person. In the past, Stephanie made a lot of mistakes and felt like she had to prove herself to Batman and the rest of the family. As Batgirl, she learned how to let go of her past and turned into a better superhero. Important developments included being able to move past her relationship with Tim Drake and be seen as more than just his girlfriend. When Stephanie became Spoiler again in DC Rebirth, it felt like a step back.

There’s added value to her emotional journey

As the daughter of a criminal called the Cluemaster, Stephanie has spent her life trying to make up for her father’s mistakes. She operated outside the law as Spoiler, which led to her being mistrusted by Batman. Barbara and Cassandra needed to work hard to gain Batman’s trust, yet Stephanie and Bruce’s relationship always seemed more strained. In mainstream continuity, she’s the only female to take on the Robin mantle and it led to her being tortured.

Her transition into Batgirl signified her official introduction into the Bat Family. It demonstrated that she’d been accepted into Batman’s confidence.


She made the role her own

Barbara and Cassandra became multi-layered characters that didn’t need to wear the Batgirl costume to be relevant. Stephanie looked up to both of them and you can imagine the amount of pressure she felt with taking up an iconic identity. Everyone’s felt that kind of pressure at some point in their lives and it made Stephanie more relatable. She needed to grow into the role at her own pace and it didn’t happen overnight.

Her personality is more appropriate for modern readers

With DC Rebirth, writers have changed Barbara’s age in order to make it more believable for her to be Batgirl. You could achieve the same results with Stephanie without needing to tamper with the character. Her bubbly, sometimes manic personality is relatable for many young readers.


There’s still a lot of creative potential

Compared to the amount of time that Barbara and Cassandra spent as Batgirl, I don’t think Stephanie’s story was explored as much. There’s still a lot of great stories that can be told with her as Batgirl. It felt too short and all the progress she made was undone by the reboot.

Barbara was the original Batgirl and Cassandra was the greatest, but Stephanie is the most relatable Batgirl. She grew to become comfortable in her own skin and that’s all any of us can ask for. Do you think Stephanie should be Batgirl again?


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7 thoughts on “6 Reasons Why Stephanie Brown Should Reclaim The Batgirl Mantle”

  1. I dont like how many bat characters there are! I’m fine with the Robin’s, Batman and red hood in the bat family


  2. I agree that Stephanie as Batgirl was great, and having her become Spoiler again is a step back. I would also like to see her as Batgirl again. However, if that did happen, what do you propose doing with Barbara? Would you want to see her become Oracle again? Perhaps it would be better to have Stephanie assume a brand-new costumed identity, one that it would be easier for her to hold onto long-term.


    1. I’d prefer Barb to go back to being Oracle. Since she can walk again it’d provide a fresh take on a familiar character and I’d enjoy seeing how she coped with the fact that she doesn’t need a costume to be needed in the hero community. The Batgirl identity is perfect for Stephanie and I think there’s still a lot of longevity for her in the role.

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