Red Hood ARTFX+ Statue Review

Everyone has a personal style when it comes to decorating and I’ve continued to add to my collection of pop culture figures with the Red Hood ARTFX+ statue. Based on the New 52 version of the character, the statue has been designed by Kotobukiya. I bought the statue from Amazon for £79.45 on December 31st 2017. The delivery was quick as well. It stands at 7 inches and comes with a black platform. The statue is highly decorative and renders the Red Hood in great detail. I was very happy with the purchase, so here is a full review of the product.

jason todd

I’ve previously bought Kotobukiya versions of Magneto and Wolverine, so I was used to having the pieces be separate from each other. The Red Hood statue came in one piece, which proved to be a nice surprise. Jason Todd is depicted in a brown jacket, black body armour, pants and helmet. He’s holding two handguns and looks ready to use them to deliver his own personal brand of justice. The details of his costume demonstrate good craftsmanship. For example, the body armour is stylised, with the red bat symbol standing out. Muscle articulation is impressive and you can tell that the statue was designed to highlight the skill of its creator.

There’s a shiny, chromed effect to the statue that can be seen on the body armour and helmet. This points towards high-quality paint work. I especially like the Red Hood helmet for the facial expression. Other minor details include the gun holsters on the hips, which are actually quite flexible. The pose of the statue is dynamic, as Red Hood is raising his guns.

jason todd 2

Another good thing about the figure is that it’s sturdy and doesn’t wobble when placed on a flat surface. This is helped by the black platform that came in the packaging. Being able to have a statue of my favourite comic character has added a touch of uniqueness to my home and I’d recommend buying it if you’re a fan of Red Hood. You can buy it from the Kotobukiya store now.

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