Marvel Now! Wolverine ARTFX+ Statue Review

Being able to collect objects that you’re passionate about can improve your knowledge of the world, or infuse your home with a sense of uniqueness. I’ve recently started to collect comic statues as a way of brightening up my home and making it feel more personal. The latest one I’ve bought is the MARVEL NOW! Wolverine ARTFX+ statue that was crafted by Junnosuke Abe and produced by Japanese company Kotobukiya. The statue is highly detailed and does justice to the feral mutant. Read on to see The Comic Vault’s full review.

The first ARTFX+ statue I bought was Magneto. Due to my satisfaction with it, I was inspired to look into more figures and I came across Wolverine in Manchester’s Forbidden Planet. Like the Magneto figure, it came in separate pieces. They were easily assembled and there wasn’t any stiffness in putting them together. The pieces included the body, head, arms and a black platform.


The statue is the most recent interpretation of Wolverine prior to his death.
Having lost his healing factor, he needed to have an updated costume that would protect him against damage. The costume is armoured, as seen from the golden bands on the arms and legs. The costume retains the classic yellow and black look that Wolverine is famous for in the comics. The paint is good and the muscle definition doesn’t look out of place.

I was very happy with the amount of detail. Wolverine is poised to attack, with his claws unsheathed and his teeth gritted. He’s in his berserker rage stance, where he lets his animal side take over. I was expecting the claws to be dull, but they’re actually sharper than I thought, which provides some extra detail. The statue tells the story of a warrior who’s ready to stand his ground.


A small criticism is the statue is wobbly due to the positioning of Wolverine’s back foot. This can be addressed with a sturdy surface and the platform keeps it still for the most part. The figure comes in at 7½ inches and I bought it for £50. Considering the amount of detail, it was a decent price. You can buy the statue on Amazon now and brighten up your home with the feral rage of Wolverine.

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