Why The Women’s Division Is The Best Thing In The WWE Right Now

When it comes to wrestling, the key to success is creating strong characters and memorable storylines. It’s also about being talented at what you do and there are plenty of entertaining wrestlers in the WWE and on the independent circuit. But as good as the likes of AJ Styles, Shinsuke Nakamura and Kevin Owens are, it’s the women’s division that feels red hot right now. The hunger and passion on display is a throwback to the glory days of the Attitude Era and I’m looking into why the women’s division is currently outclassing the men’s in WWE.

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Casey Bowker Talks With The Comic Vault About Hollowed And How You Can Help Support The Series

The comic book industry is built on collaboration, with writers and artists working together to create something magical. The same can be said for indie comic writers and bloggers, which is why The Comic Vault is open to promoting independent comics and graphic novels. I’m pleased to reveal an interview with indie comic writer and pop culture website editor, Casey Bowker, who has created his first comic called Hollowed. He’s looking to get the series up and running through Kickstarter and he chatted to The Comic Vault about why he wanted to become a comic writer and how the industry has changed for independent writers.

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Who Would The Avengers Be In The World Of Digital Marketing?

2018 is looking to be a busy year for digital marketing, with brands searching for new ways to reach their customers and drive engagement. 2018 is also set to be a great year for superheroes and a film I’m looking forward to seeing is Avengers: Infinity War. Before I let my inner fanboy take over, I’m sure you’re wondering how The Avengers franchise and digital marketing have anything in common.

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5 Cosplay Instagram Groups That Promote Positive Mental Health

Instagram is a useful place for sharing photos and creating a sense of community among photographers and people who enjoy being in front of a camera. Cosplaying is very popular on Instagram, as you have the opportunity to show off your costumes and creative ability. There are a number of cosplaying group accounts on Instagram that help to promote cosplayers and their work. I think this is a great way to build links between other cosplayers and I’m listing five of the best I’ve come across.

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Why The Mandarin Is Iron Man’s Greatest Enemy

Every superhero needs an archenemy to fight against and form the conflict of memorable stories. Batman has The Joker, Captain America has the Red Skull and Iron Man has The Mandarin. Created by Stan Lee and artist Don Heck, The Mandarin is Tony Stark’s greatest foe. Through a mixture of science and alien technology, Mandarin has aimed to conquer everything in his path. In many ways, he’s a dark reflection of Iron Man in that he utilises technology to achieve his goals for a malevolent purpose. The character is known for using alien rings that grant him a variety of abilities and The Comic Vault is looking into Mandarin’s history to see what makes him such a memorable villain.

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Untangling The History Of Hawkgirl And Discovering What Makes Her One Of DC’s Greatest Superheroes

In mainstream comics it’s common for a character to be updated for a modern audience in order to keep them interesting. Their backstory might be altered or they may gain a new ability. A character with a history of being altered is Hawkgirl. Created in 1941, Hawkgirl is one of DC’s oldest superheroines, and having served with The Justice League and The Justice Society of America, she’s a premiere hero, but her history and identity have become muddled. From Ancient Egypt to an alien planet called Thanagar, The Comic Vault is tracing Hawkgirl’s story to see what makes her such an intriguing character.

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Abbott #1 Review: A Poignant, Political Debut In 1970s Detroit

The 1970s were a time of great cultural upheaval, from the Vietnam war, to the rise of disco. The decade provides fertile storytelling ground for Abbott #1, written by Saladin Ahmed. The comic features strong-willed reporter Elena Abbott investigating a case that forces her to confront her past. As a black woman in 1970s Detroit, Abbott faces a hotbed of racism and political change that tests her resolve and Ahmed makes sure she’s up for the challenge.

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Cosplayer Interview: Likeassassin

Cosplaying is a wonderful method of expression and The Comic Vault specialises in promoting the benefits of cosplay and mental health. The latest interview features Likeassassin, a Witcher fan and cosplayer from Russia. Her dedication to portraying Triss Merigold is impressive and she talked to The Comic Vault about how cosplaying made her more confident and improved her sewing.

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What Makes Wonder Man One Of The Most Powerful Avengers?

The Avengers feature some of the most well-known superheroes in the world, but not every member started out as a hero. Some characters needed to earn their place and started out with dark intentions, which was the case with Wonder Man. Simon Williams started out as a rival to Tony Stark and a villain in the employment of Baron Zemo. Williams went on to become a full-fledged Avenger and one of the team’s most powerful members. The Comic Vault is looking into the character’s history to see how he evolved and what makes him a powerhouse.

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Exploring The Untapped Potential Of Nocturne And How She Can Impact Future X-Men Stories

In comics, there are various realities, with the main Marvel Universe being called Earth 616. Superheroes from the main reality are the best known, but there are plenty of underrated characters from other dimensions who deserve to be recognised as well. Nocturne is a good example. Hailing from a reality outside of Earth 616, Talia ‘TJ’ Wagner is the daughter of Nightcrawler and Scarlet Witch. She’s one of the most prominent X-Men in her dimension and has found herself in the prime Marvel Universe.

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