Magneto Marvel Now! ARTFX+ Statue Review

Giving a property some personality is important because it helps it feel more like a home. Personal flair provides a sense of identity, which is why I enjoy collecting decorative statues of my favourite characters. The latest one I’ve purchased is the Magneto Marvel Now! ARTFX+ statue. The statue was crafted by Junnosuke Abe in collaboration with the Japanese figure company Kotobukiya. Here are my thoughts on whether it lives up to the Master of Magnetism’s infamous reputation.


After opening the box I realised the statue didn’t come in one piece. It was separated by the body, legs, arms and head and they needed to be fitted together. While I would have preferred the statue to come in one piece, it didn’t take me long to connect the body parts together. I didn’t find any difficulty in slotting them together. Once I’d finished, the statue looked much like it did on the box.

The detail on the figurine is impressive, from the silver lines that flow down Magneto’s costume, to the paint on the helmet. Abe’s colour scheme is comic accurate and none of it looks out of place. The smaller details are also to be admired, such as the red and black X-Men symbol on Magneto’s belt. It signifies which incarnation of the character we’re looking at and tells a story at the same time. The muscle articulation is also well-formed and it looks like Magneto is actually wearing clothing.


Magneto’s pose is appropriate and fits with his personality. The body language is regal and arrogant, suggesting he’s using his powers to shape the world to his will. His cape has a windswept appearance, giving it the classic ‘billowing’ look. The statue’s eyes are pure white to indicate that Magneto is relying on his abilities.

The figurine comes in at just under 8 inches tall and I bought it from Forbidden Planet at a price of £66.99. As Magneto is one of my favourite characters, I can justify the price tag. I was very happy with the purchase and it gives my home the personal touch I was looking for.

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