4 Green Lanterns With Incredible Willpower

The Green Lantern Corps have a reputation for being courageous, driven protectors of the universe. Hal Jordan is considered the most well-known, being the most widely adapted Green Lantern. But the Corps are bigger than one person and there are plenty of great characters who’ve served. Here are four Green Lanterns who’ve displayed their strength, heroism and willpower.


Kyle Rayner

Kyle Rayner is one of the most popular Green Lanterns and was introduced after a grief-stricken Hal went on a rampage and killed various members of the Corps. Kyle was given the last working power ring and needed to grow into the role. The son of a Mexican-American CIA agent, Kyle displayed talent as a graphic designer. He incorporated his unique, artistic style into his constructs.

One of the key things about Kyle is that he had so much pressure on his shoulders when he became a Green Lantern. He had to make up for Hal’s sins by carrying the weight of the Corps and restore their reputation. Kyle’s empathy has allowed him to use rings from every kind of Lantern on the emotional spectrum. This cultimated in him becoming a White Lantern and the host of the Life Equation. No other Green Lantern has displayed as much versatility as Kyle, making him one of the most powerful members.


Simon Baz

Simon Baz grew up in a post 9/11 America and he faced persecution because of his Lebanese heritage. Simon got involved in street racing and car theft. After being fired from his job he stole a car in a moment of desperation. Baz realised the car had a bomb inside and he drove it to an abandoned factory to make sure no one got hurt. The resulting explosion was seen as an act of terrorism and Baz was interrogated. A malfunctioning Green Lantern ring found him and helped him escape.

Simon’s status as an Arab American gives him a unique perspective in the world of superheroes. He aspired to rise above discrimination and protect the Earth. Baz also carried a gun for a time, but was convinced to give it up in an encounter with Batman.


Jessica Cruz

Jessica Cruz is one of the most resilient Green Lanterns because she’s survived a great deal of trauma. During a hunting trip with friends she stumbled across two men burying a body. The men killed her friends and Jessica barely escaped. Her trauma attracted the Ring of Volthoom, which fed on fear. Unlike other members of the Green Lantern Corps, she didn’t accept her ring willingly. The ring caused her a lot of psychological pain, which made her anxiety even worse.

Eventually, Hal taught her how to control the ring and Jessica started to move forward. Her anxiety is one of the defining traits of her character and it’s been handled in a respectful way. Her partnership with Baz has also given her a sense of purpose.


Guy Gardner

Considered one of the most outspoken Green Lanterns, Guy Gardner has never lacked for courage. Guy’s constantly struggled to manage his anger and felt like he never quite fit as a Green Lantern. That’s an understandable human trait because many of us feel out of place in our daily lives. His rage has led to him joining the Red Lantern Corps and he’s acted as their leader. Despite his anger, Guy has an indomitable will that makes him an strong character.

Who’s your favourite Green Lantern?

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