Beneath The Pages: Scott Snyder

Beneath The Pages looks at writers and artists in the comic book industry and examines how influential they are. It’s about giving them recognition for their hard work and drawing attention to their finest creations. In the past decade there’s been a lot of influential comic writers, but it could be argued that no one has left more of an impact than Scott Snyder. Best known for his work on Batman, Snyder has redefined The Dark Knight for a new generation of fans.

Snyder first came to prominence in 2006 with his collection of short stories called Voodoo Heart. Published by the Dial Press, the collection was well received, with Stephen King picking two of the stories for the 2007 The Best American Short Stories anthology shortlist.

Building on his success, Snyder started writing for Marvel in 2009. He wrote a one-shot that focused on Jim Hammond, the original Human Torch. The following year, Snyder created an original series called American Vampire and it won the 2011 Eisner Award for Best New Series.

In 2011, Snyder moved over to DC and he wrote the critically acclaimed Batman: Black Mirror arc that featured in Detective Comics. This story gave Dick Grayson a new enemy in the form of James Gordon Jr and presented Gotham as a ravenous city that consumed everyone who lived within it.


When DC rebooted their comics with the New 52, Snyder started writing Batman permanently. Along with artist Greg Capullo, he came up with a host of new challenges for the World’s Greatest Detective. Snyder’s best stories include The Court Of Owls, Death Of The Family and Endgame.

Death Of The Family was one of his best because Snyder managed to add more depth to the relationship between Batman and The Joker. Snyder presented Gotham as a medieval kingdom that Batman ruled over, with The Joker playing his court jester. Snyder understood the psychology behind their relationship and he used his knowledge to create a masterpiece of a story.

Snyder also worked on the Batman Eternal and All-Star Batman series. His most recent offering is the DC crossover event Dark Nights: Metal. This involves evil Batmen from the Dark Multiverse invading the main DC reality. Each Batman is a twisted version of a Justice League member. For example, the Red Death is a Bruce Wayne who stole The Flash’s superspeed in a vain attempt to go back in time and stop his parents from being killed.


Snyder continues to demonstrate his creativity by being one of the industry’s most prolific writers. If you haven’t read any of his stories, then I’d recommend starting with The Court Of Owls to see how skilled he is.

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