Comichaus Launch New App To Help Promote Indie Comic Creators

It can be difficult for independent writers to publish their comics and for readers to find decent stories. In recent years, this has improved and Comichaus are looking to make it easier with the introduction of their new subscription app. Billed as ‘Netflix for indie comics’, Comichaus are looking to help the independent comic market thrive.

Launched this week, the app includes featured releases, new releases and ‘most read’ comics. Users can search Comichaus’ extensive database and filter comics by genre, creator and title. You’ll be able to review the comics and share them on social media, thus creating even more of a conversation.

The app is designed to help raise awareness for different titles and writers. In addition to building a creator’s profile, the app can help to fund future print issues. Print issues are linked to the app and the user will be able to buy them. In the spirit of building a community, anyone can contribute to the database. You can add and amend titles so everything is self-sustaining and up to date.

Users can get the app for £3 per month, which works out to £30 per year. 50% of the revenue will be split with creators based on how many times their comics are read. This is a fantastic way to support independent authors because they’ll be able to start earning money, as well as having their reputation built up. Members can also opt for a ‘No ads’ subscription for £5 per month.

Comichaus are passionate about supporting indie comic creators and they started out as a small website. Within 12 months of being in the industry, they launched their own comics and helped to promote a variety of creators.

The app is their latest attempt to showcase the important of indie comics. It’s crucial to support indie writers and make sure their voice is heard because it promotes diversity.

The Comichaus app is compatible with various Apple phones and tablets running android version 4.4 and above.

For more information on the app, be sure to check out Comichaus’ website.


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