Chivalry Isn’t Dead: Why Black Knight Is A Superhero Everyone Can Relate To

The Avengers are arguably the most famous comic book team, and there have been various members. One of the most underrated members is Dane Whitman, who goes by the alias of Black Knight. With a heritage that dates back to the time of King Arthur, Whitman is the wielder of a supernatural sword called the Ebony Blade. The Comic Vault is looking into the character’s history to discover what makes Black Knight a hero.


Whitman was born in Gloucester, Massachusetts, which breaks the traditional image of an English knight. As a scientist, Whitman didn’t believe in magic originally. He came from a family that was started by Sir Percy of Scandia, who lived during King Arthur’s reign. From the moment he became the Black Knight, Whitham had a lot of pressure on his shoulders. His uncle Nathan Garrett was the previous Black Knight and operated as a supervillain. After being mortally wounded in a battle with Iron Man, Garrett summoned Whitman to his estate and asked him to restore honour to their family.

In his first outing as the Black Knight, Whitman was mistaken for his uncle by the Avengers. He proved he could be trusted by infiltrating the Masters of Evil. This earned him a place on the team and he soon inherited Castle Garrett and acquired the Ebony Blade.


The Ebony Blade is one of the most powerful weapons in the Marvel Universe. In addition to being indestructible, it possesses a number of mystical qualities. It can cut through any physical substance, including adamantium, Iron Man’s Extremis armour and magical barriers. It can absorb all forms of energy as well. The Ebony Blade forms a bond with its wielder, so Whitman can summon it at will.

However, the Ebony Blade is cursed and slowly corrupts its wielder. Whitman’s family were considered the guardians, but previous Black Knights have fallen to its influence. As the true wielder, Whitman has battled against the sword’s dark power for years. This demonstrates his determination and inner strength. The Ebony Blade serves as a metaphor for addiction and many people have suffered with substance abuse. The fact that Whitman can resist and fight against the blade’s influence is the mark of a strong will.

Black Knight has lost the sword in the past and has needed to rely on his natural abilities. Whitman has designed many of his own weapons, including an energy based sword and shield. What makes Whitman heroic is that he’s an everyman who wants to make the world a better place.


In addition to serving with the Avengers, Black Knight has been a part of Excalibur, MI-13 and Euroforce. He’s a natural leader and can inspire confidence in the people around hm. Black Knight is a versatile character who fits into a lot of stories and should be admired for his self-control, honour and nobility.


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8 thoughts on “Chivalry Isn’t Dead: Why Black Knight Is A Superhero Everyone Can Relate To”

  1. Kit Harington coming in as Dayne Whitman. I was really hoping he’d be playing Wolverine, but I’ll take it.


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